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Welcome to The Money Diaries with Sage

In our new series, each week, an anonymous entrepreneur gives us a no-holds-barred look at their salary, expenses and daily spending habits.

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Want to know how much money small business owners really make? You’re in luck.

We’re beyond excited to introduce our new taboo-busting series: The Money Diaries with Sage.

Each week, an anonymous entrepreneur will reveal their Monday-to-Sunday money diary, giving us a no-holds-barred look at their salary, expenses, and daily spending habits—good days, bad days, and fancy coffees included.

With the expert commentary of superstar accountant and small business superhero Carl Reader, we’ll crack open the income and outgoings of small business owners’ bank balances.

Every week, Carl will share his expert analysis of the latest diary, and he’ll offer tips and advice on how to save more and spend smarter.

“I’m excited to be working on The Money Diaries with Sage—an exclusive insight into the reality of small business. You can find out how much small business owners earn, what they spend their money on, and how they can improve.”

Carl Reader – accountant and best-selling author

Now the idea of a money diary isn’t itself new, but here’s the thing: it’s rarely done for entrepreneurs.

That’s why we’re here to lift the lid on small business finances and showcase a wide range of experiences of spending and saving—with people revealing their relationship to their finances at the heart of it all.

The Money Diaries with Sage

In our financial series, anonymous entrepreneurs offer a no-holds-barred look at their salaries, expenses and daily spending habits. Ready to take a peek?

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