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Why bringing your dog to work can make you more productive

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Why bringing your dog to work can make you more productive

‘Take your dog to work day’ is an important date in every dog lover’s calendar.

Taking your pup into the office may not be a new idea, but one that is becoming more popular as our pets become an essential part of our daily life. When your colleagues are of the canine variety, many find the workplace can become a happier, more productive environment. Discover 6 reasons that bringing your dog to work can make you more productive.

The team at Marlin PR have the pleasure of a four legged friend and they can’t wait for you to meet him!

Meet Hendrix, the office dog. A little unruly, marginally untrained, but thoroughly loveable: he demonstrates why it isn’t a barking mad idea to bring your dog to work.

1. Health benefits

Dogs are well known for promoting a variety of health benefits, the most prominent being stress reduction. Studies have shown that interactions with dogs can reduce stress in humans. The science behind it? Stroking or petting a dog decreases the level of stress hormone cortisol, and increases production of the stress reducing hormone oxytocin.

Hendrix all ready for some cuddles from his co-workers.

2. Prevents burnout

Many hardworking professionals go hours and hours without a break, leading to decreased productivity. However, with a dog in the office that needs frequent walks or bathroom breaks, someone will be on dog duty.

Having set times to take the dog out allows regular breaks in the team’s daily schedule, as well as some much needed fresh air, and provides the physical and mental benefits of exercise for both Hendrix and his walker!

3. Encourages co-worker interactions

Having a dog in the office allows bonding with your colleagues, as well as the dog. Camaraderie between colleagues is raised, as you’re having conversations that really strengthen working relationships – ten times better than a team-building day building rafts in the rain!

4. Relaxed atmosphere

Companies with pro-pet policies, such as Huffington Post and Etsy, are thought of as having an open, relaxed and flexible atmosphere. Having a puppy running around, frantically providing licks for everyone, helps to create a friendly, welcoming tone, making workers feel more relaxed.

Hendrix setting the tone on a Friday afternoon.

5. Increases productivity

It’s understandable that after 5pm, concentration can begin to lag. However, with a dog in the office, you may just be inclined to stay that little bit longer and in turn find an extra burst of productivity to finish that report or article.

People have a reason to stick around until later in the day, while many companies also report a lower rate of absenteeism* as a result of having a friendly, fury face around.

6. Happiness

For the majority of people, dogs are a source of happiness. If you are happier whilst working, it equates to a more positive mind set and can-do attitude. Who can resist smiling when your canine colleague nudges your leg in want of a stroke, or stares at you with puppy dog eyes? Not us.

*According to a 2008 survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association of 50 small and large companies.

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