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5 top things on contractors’ minds

2017 is almost a memory. It’s been a great year for construction growth, but it’s not been without its business challenges. We’ve seen a glimpse of the issues you and other contractors are trying to solve right here on Sage Advice. As this year draws to a close, here are the hottest construction topics among our readers and the information they have found to be the most useful:

  1. Starting a construction company
    There seems to be a lot of entrepreneurs who want to try their hand at construction. In our popular post “How to start a contracting company” we lay out some basics they need to know before setting up shop as a construction contractor.
  1. Employee recruitment
    With no end in sight to the skilled labor shortage, most contractors are looking for any tips on how to fill their company’s job openings. Readers of Sage Advice have been most interested in ways to use LinkedIn for construction job recruiting and what recruiting software can do to help out.
  1. The cloud
    Contractors are actively using cloud computing and want to keep up with this ground-breaking technology. Many construction professionals tapped into Sage executive insights about the cloud in two Sage Advice posts: “Four cloud computing trends that will impact construction in 2017” and “New ways to overcome today’s construction mobility challenges.
  1. Construction contracts
    The success of every project begins and ends with the contract. So it’s not surprising we’ve had a lot of interest in how to do it right. We are lucky to have construction attorneys and guest bloggers Patrick and Alex Barthet share their legal expertise on this important topic. Both of their posts, “Don’t skimp on scope of work” and “Hidden obligations: Don’t let contract documents catch you by surprise” top our list of most read construction articles.
  1. Up and coming technologies
    Many of our readers are keeping an eye on the future in addition to their daily duties. One post that caught their attention provided a glimpse at construction’s future. Stay tuned for more posts on construction’s rapidly advancing technology in 2018.

If you’ve missed any of these past blog posts, check them out and see what all the interest is about.