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Accurate field reports – Your best defense from legal claims

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Accurate Field Reports

Legal claims are an ever-present threat in today’s complex construction environment. Accurate field reports provide critical evidence that can help contractors limit the impact of litigation, or even avoid it all together.

Timeliness the key to accurate daily field reports

The key to creating accurate field reports is timeliness. Memories of what did, or did not, happen at the job site can get foggy with the passage of time. Superintendents should write reports as work happens, or shortly thereafter, in order to ensure that the details documented are as accurate as they can be. Daily field reports that are summed up at the end of a week or month may not adequately describe what occurred on the jobsite. Hastily written daily field reports based on what superintendents “are pretty sure” happened will not effectively protect you from legal claims.

Mobile technology enables supers to capture critical details in real-time

According to the 2017 AGC Construction Outlook, 61% of contractors plan on using mobile technology to create more accurate daily field reports. It’s not a surprise why. Equipped with mobile devices and software superintendents can log activity and situations as they happen, instead of having to wait until they get back to the job site trailer. This technology not only improves the accuracy of daily field reports. It streamlines reporting, too, as integration with back-office systems allows site detail to be sent directly to the home office.

Find out the 12 things your daily field reports must include

The most accurate daily field reports aren’t just done fast. They are thorough and contain the information essential to providing the best defense from legal claims. To find out the 12 things your daily field reports must include, and how mobile technology can help you get them, read our Executive Guide to Daily Field Reports.

The construction executive’s guide to daily field reports

Read our guide and find out the 12 things your daily field reports must include, and how mobile technology can help you get them.


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