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5 podcasts every female business owner should be listening to

Female owned business

Female entrepreneurs are defying the odds and are opening more small businesses in the U.S. every day. Today, one in three companies in the U.S. are female-owned-and-operated. If you are a female business owner with many demands and slammed with admin tasks, how do you expect to find time to continue to learn and grow your business? One piece of advice: listen to podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to learn new skills and discover new tips on how to build your business while on the go for free. Below we’ve compiled the best business podcasts for women entrepreneurs, hosted by women entrepreneurs.

Best business podcasts for female entrepreneurs

  1. Christy Wright Business Boutique

Podcast Host: Christy Wright

Duration: Each episode typically lasts about an hour

Christy Wright is a best-selling author, certified business coach and founder of the Business Boutique. Christy inspires and educates women around the world at all stages of owning a business to make money doing what they love. Her podcast covers everything managing cash flow to setting goals for your business to hiring top talent.

  1. Proof to Product 

Podcast Host: Katie Hunt

Duration: Each episode typically lasts about 45 minutes

Katie Hunt is a business strategist and founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp. Each week she takes her listeners behind the scenes to show them what it takes to put a product in the market.  She interviews successful female business owners who are distributing industries around the world and talks to them about the ups and downs they’ve experienced as female business owners. During this podcast, you’ll learn new resources that will help you scale up successfully from guests who have been in your shoes.

  1. Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics, and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs

Podcast Hosts: Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

Duration: Each episode typically lasts about an hour

Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are best-selling authors and female entrepreneurs. The Being Boss podcast has grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs around the world for their candid conversations with top female business owners. They discuss everything from achieving work/life balance, paying yourself consistently, expanding into new markets and nurturing your existing customers.

  1. The Marie Forleo Podcast

Podcast Host: Marie Forleo

Duration: Each episode typically lasts about 8 minutes

Marie Forleo is the founder of B-School, an online business for entrepreneurs. Her business and podcast have been recognized by Oprah and Inc. magazine as being an industry thought-leader and a growing business to watch. During each episode, Marie and her guests help listeners achieve their business goals by sharing advice on how to turn your passion project into a six-figure business.

  1. She Did it Her Way

Podcast Host: Amanda Boleyn

Duration: Each episode typically lasts about 45 minutes

Amanda Boleyn is a female entrepreneur and leadership development coach. She started her podcast in 2011 and has inspired female business owners each week with advice on how to successfully launch a business in a male-dominated marketplace. Each week, she interviews a successful business owner to find out how she defied the odds and launched a successful company. Listeners will hear advice on how to manage the emotional rollercoaster that comes with owning your own business along with stories from women who have risen to the top.

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