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Why should SaaS CFOs attend the Modern SaaS Finance Forum?

Join us at the the Modern SaaS Finance Forum. It’s a chance for CFOs to learn cutting-edge financial strategies from industry leaders.

For finance leaders, seizing opportunities for professional networking and continued education is vital to career success.

This is certainly the case for SaaS CFOs.

If you’ve ever looked around and asked, “Where are all the events for SaaS CFOs,” you’re not alone.

That’s why Sage Intacct is hosting the Modern SaaS Finance Forum on June 5 2024.

The full-day digital event features presentations, discussions, and workshops spearheaded by industry leaders, with 3 separate learning tracks for SaaS CFOs, Controllers, and Rev Ops professionals.

It’s a chance to connect with your industry peers and gain vital insights on the future of SaaS finance for high-tech, high-growth companies.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what SaaS CFOs can expect to learn at this year’s forum.

Here’s what we’ll cover

Learn how to integrate AI into financial workflows

Embrace the value of community

Navigate your funding rounds successfully

Are you making these SaaS CFO mistakes?

Join us for the Modern SaaS Finance Forum

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Learn how to integrate AI into financial workflows

The importance of AI for SaaS CFOs can’t be overstated. CFOs of subscription companies are responsible for managing massive amounts of financial and customer data.

Your SaaS organization relies on you to mine mountains of data for actionable insights that lead to recurring revenue.

Forward-thinking CFOs are realizing that AI is much better suited to that task than humans are. At this year’s summit, we’ll discuss how you can:

  • Maximize your financial performance with automated billing
  • Peer into your financial future with generative AI SaaS forecasting
  • Permanently end revenue leakage with automated, ASC 606-compliant revenue recognition.

Companies that don’t utilize AI are quickly falling behind those that do.

As a SaaS CFO, it’s crucial to leverage automation to stay ahead.

Embrace the value of community

In today’s hyper-competitive SaaS landscape, CFOs need to tap into the power of community to avoid burnout and keep thriving.

At the Modern SaaS Finance Forum, there will be sessions centered on the importance of building and fostering finance peer groups for CFOs and other professionals.

After all, no one knows the daily challenges and joys of your job like other SaaS CFOs.

This year’s summit is an incredible opportunity to connect with and learn from your industry peers.

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Do you know how to glide through your funding rounds rather than slog through them?

On June 5, we’ll share what it takes to scale a startup from seed capital to IPO.

SaaS CFOs need to meet very specific goals for each funding round that they pass through—do you have the right strategic roadmap?

How you prove value to investors is very different for Series A venture funding than it is for Series F, and every step in between has its own nuances and requirements.

Competition for SaaS venture capital is more cutthroat than it’s been in years. Come learn how to set your company apart from the crowd.

Are you making these SaaS CFO mistakes?

In addition to discussing best practices and cutting-edge financial strategies, we’ll also be covering professional pitfalls to steer clear of.

Even if you’re doing everything else right as a CFO, these “silent killers” can grind your company’s financial progress to a halt.

Automation procrastination

When it comes to automation, there are four magic words for SaaS CFOs to remember: It’s never too early.

Accounting AI is a technological powerhouse, and the difference between automated and legacy workflows is truly night and day.

However, it’s not a magic bullet. You’ll need to:

  • Get buy-in from other stakeholders at your organization
  • Train your accounting suite on your financial data
  • Train your employees on your new accounting software
  • Compare your expectations to your results and recalibrate as needed

Join us for this year’s summit to learn how and why you should “frontload the urgency” for transitioning to cloud accounting.

Relying on a manual quote-to-cash cycle

Your company’s quote-to-cash cycle is one of the most pivotal processes you can automate. If you’re relying on manual quote-to-cash workflows, you’re holding your organization back in a big way.

On June 5, we’ll be discussing:

  • Why quote-to-cash should be your top priority for automation
  • How your finance team and sales team can work together seamlessly
  • Concrete steps to gain confidence with quote-to-cash automation

Are legacy workflows interfering with your cash flow? There’s a better way forward.

Join us for the Modern SaaS Finance Forum

That’s just the start of what you’ll learn at this year’s forum.

If you’re ready for the insights and strategies you need to win your market in 2024 and beyond, join us for this full-day event.

It’s an incredible opportunity to learn from and connect with 2,000+ SaaS finance leaders, investors, and industry experts.

Click here to reserve your spot at the Modern SaaS Finance Forum.