Never tried a construction accounting system? Take one for a spin

Construction site

Is your construction firm ready for a construction accounting system?

There comes a time in every construction company’s lifetime when it’s generic accounting system just doesn’t cut it any longer.  It often happens as a contractor’s business begins to grow and take on more projects. Information and accounting software capabilities that once seemed adequate, suddenly feel like a too tight sweater restricting the company’s every move forward.

Tell-tale signs you’re ready for a construction accounting system

  1. There’s no way to accurately and quickly track job costs, leaving everyone guessing whether jobs are making or losing money until it’s too late to fix any problems.
  2. Complex union and certified payroll requirements drag down accounting staff.
  3. Lack of integration with estimating, service management, project management, document management and other software systems used by the company creates duplicate data entry and the likelihood of mistakes.
  4. It’s difficult and time-consuming to get the reporting needed to truly understand how to successfully run projects and the business.

Sound familiar?  This is the time many contractors move to accounting software made specifically for the very unique needs of construction companies.

So what exactly does a construction accounting system bring to the table? If you’re currently using a generic accounting system, you can get a good comparison to your current system by trying out the Sage 100 Contractor software test drive .

What to expect in a test drive

The test drive gives a great overview of what you can expect, including how you can:

  • Customize your own personal dashboard to keep on top of the most important aspects of your business.
  • Manage change orders.
  • Keep close tabs on your projects.
  • Handle certified payroll and union reporting.
  • Dispatch service reps and manage your entire service operations (if you provide maintenance service).
  • Get the reports your need, including customized alerts that highlight issues you need to address immediately.

The test drive is super easy to use. To get started, visit our Sage 100 Contractor web page and click on the test drive.