G2 fall report 2022: Sage Intacct surpasses all competitors in customer satisfaction

This fall, in the G2 Grid Reports, software users ranked Sage Intacct a leader in customer satisfaction for the 8th year in a row. We landed in first place in customer satisfaction in 10 categories, 6 Grid Reports, and 6 Index Reports. Plus, we earned an additional 50 awards for positive reviews.

Why We Use G2

G2 is more than just proof points to us. The leading platform for software reviews collects and analyzes feedback of actual customers and shares the results each quarter in Grid Reports. These Grid Reports help us understand how well our products are serving our customers. The information is important to us because we are customer obsessed and driven to create ground-breaking solutions to help organizations and the people behind them.

And just like how restaurant reviews on Yelp help you select where to go for dinner, software reviews on G2 help technology shoppers make informed decisions on what to purchase for their organizations.

Now that you know why G2 is so important to us, here’s how Sage Intacct did in the latest Fall 2022 Grid Reports.

#1 Grid Report Rankings

First up are Grid Reports, which are based on user ratings on satisfaction, product direction, ease of use, and likelihood to recommend. Sage Intacct took the top spot in 6 Grid Reports across a range of company sizes. We won first place in the following Grid Reports for:

#1 Index Report Rankings

Next are Index Reports. These are also based on user ratings and measure customer experience using our products, the relationships we build with our customers, and the usability of our software. Sage Intacct ranked strong in the Results Index for ERP Systems and earned the #1 spot 2 indexes for Subscription Billing. These are the 6 Index Reports where we took first place:

  • Results Index Overall ERP Systems 
  • Results Index Mid-Market ERP Systems 
  • Relationship Index Overall Nonprofit Accounting 
  • Relationship Index Mid-Market Subscription Billing 
  • Usability Index Mid-Market Subscription Management 
  • Usability Index Mid-Market Subscription Billing

#1 Customer Satisfaction Wins

Sage Intacct is dedicated to making human connections with our customers, partners, and colleagues. This commitment is clear with our #1 placement in Customer Satisfaction over all true competitors in 10 categories. We consider this a huge honor to be ranked at the top in so many categories, thanks to our community of users, partners, and colleagues. The 10 areas we landed in first place are:

  • Overall Accounting  
  • Overall Nonprofit Accounting 
  • Overall Project-Based ERP 
  • Overall ERP Systems 
  • Enterprise AP Automation 
  • Mid-Market Accounting 
  • Mid-Market Subscription Management 
  • Mid-Market Subscription Billing 
  • Small Business Nonprofit Accounting 
  • Small Business Project-Based ERP

See What Our Customers are Saying

We love hearing from our customers and truly appreciate the time they spend sharing valuable feedback. Here’s a peek at what they are saying about us in G2 reviews:

“Sage Intacct is a very intuitive software. I find Sage Intacct extremely easy to navigate. I enjoy how frequently the software is updated. The team seems to listen to customer feedback, and the improvements regularly made show that. I also enjoy the descriptive training at my fingertips shared by the community.” 

Thomas P., Accounting Coordinator at a Mid-Market Organization

“Quicken your accounting needs with Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct has helped us to improve our accounting and financial management since now we can do everything digitally. It is very intuitive, user-friendly and highly customizable. The cloud-based platform is amazing and fantastic.” 

Liam K., System Engineer at a Mid-Market Organization

“The switch to Sage Intacct was a great decision. I like that the software is easy to learn and use. It is very intuitive, and the updates are timely and relevant.” 

Administrator at a Large Individual & Family Services Organization

“100% recommend Sage Intacct. Our switch to Sage Intacct has improved efficiencies. In our legacy system, we were very paper-driven. With Sage Intacct, we use workflows for approvals and store all invoices in electronic file cabinets.” 

Administrator in Mid-Market Hospital & Healthcare Organization

Mid-Market Accounting

We are thankful and humbled to our customers for ranking us #1 in customer satisfaction for Mid-Market Accounting. To earn this recognition, we surpassed 45 competitors. G2 asked customers to rank us on likelihood to recommend, whether our product is going in the right direction, if we meet requirements, the ease of admin, ease of doing business with us, the quality of our support, ease of setup, and ease of use. An overwhelming majority of users, 92%, believe our product is going in the right direction and we are excited to see what customers think of the ground-breaking products we continue to work on.

Nonprofit Accounting

We are also incredibly grateful to our nonprofit users. They have placed us in the number one spot over all true competitors on the Grid and in Customer Satisfaction year after year for Overall Nonprofit Accounting. Our customer satisfaction score is 12% higher than one of our closest competitors. (77 vs. 63) Sage Intacct also has the fastest implementation time compared with our true competitors.

Categories Our Customers Love

Sage Intacct also earned 50 awards signifying how much our customers love us. In fact, there’s an actual award for that called “Users Love Us.” These awards highlight our product performance compared to our competitors and our customers’ awesome reviews.


Leader Awards

Sage Intacct earned 30 leader awards for high customer ratings and substantial market presence scores in the following categories:

  • Enterprise Accounting 
  • Enterprise AP Automation 
  • Enterprise ERP Systems 
  • Mid-Market Subscription Management 
  • Mid-Market Subscription Billing 
  • Mid-Market Project-Based ERP 
  • Mid-Market Accounting 
  • Mid-Market AP Automation 
  • Mid-Market ERP Systems 
  • Overall AP Automation 
  • Overall Nonprofit Accounting 
  • Overall Project-Based ERP 
  • Overall Revenue Management 
  • Overall Subscription Billing 
  • Overall Subscription Management 
  • Overall ERP Systems 
  • Overall Subscription Revenue Management 
  • Overall Accounting Small-Business Nonprofit Accounting 
  • Small-Business Nonprofit Accounting 
  • Small-Business Project-Based ERP 
  • Small-Business AP Automation 
  • Small-Business Accounting 
  • Small-Business Subscription Billing 
  • Asia Subscription Management 
  • Asia Accounting 
  • Asia Pacific Accounting 
  • Asia Pacific ERP Systems 
  • India ERP Systems 
  • India Accounting 
  • Europe Accounting

Momentum Leader Awards

We also received 6 Momentum Leader awards for year-over-year employee growth, review growth, social growth, and web growth in these categories:

  • Overall Project-Based ERP 
  • Overall AP Automation 
  • Overall Subscription Billing 
  • Overall Subscription Management 
  • Overall ERP Systems 
  • Overall Accounting

Top Performance Awards

Plus, Sage Intacct earned additional awards for our performance, usability, best relationship, user adoption, and more. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and to building great customer relationships, products, solutions, and services. These are the categories where our customers rated us highly:

  • Best Usability Mid-Market Subscription Billing 
  • Best Usability Mid-Market Subscription Management 
  • Best Relationship Overall Nonprofit Accounting 
  • Best Relationship Mid-Market Subscription Billing 
  • Best Results Overall ERP Systems 
  • Best Results Mid-Market ERP Systems 
  • High Performer Overall Europe ERP Systems 
  • High Performer Small-Business Subscription Management 
  • High Performer Small-Business Subscription Billing 
  • Best Meets Requirements Mid-Market Subscription Management 
  • Easiest to Use Overall Project-Based ERP 
  • Best Results Overall ERP Systems 
  • Highest User Adoption Small-Business Subscription Billing 
  • High Performer Overall United Kingdom Accounting 
  • Users Love Us 

We are inspired with the results of the G2 Fall 2022 Reports. They motivate us to continue to improve. Sage Intacct is working to build simple, straight-forward products that save you time, and enable you to build deeper connections in your community. We hope to see the results of our hard work continue pay off in the G2 Winter 2022 Reports.

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