Glossary definition

What is evergreen billing?

Evergreen billing stems from contracts with autorenewals. For companies with a subscription business model, autorenewals can mean Sales is not involved in renewing the contract. Leading companies will evaluate when Sales may want to be involved due to upsell potential.

powerful subscription billing solution will accommodate evergreen billing, any associated upsells or modifications, and other combinations, to bill automatically based on the contract. So just as contracts with autorenewals allow Sales to focus on higher-value, lower-frequency accounts and less on lower-value, higher-frequency accounts, automated evergreen billing allows accounts receivable to take on more volume without needing more headcount or another system.

Businesses and consumers think nothing of the combined products or contracts they may have with your company and will expect to be invoiced accurately and at the right frequency for each. Additionally, when appropriate, they expect to receive a single invoice consolidating their charges. In this case you may have hybrid billing, where evergreen billing combines with usage billing.

Sage Intacct streamlines the management of evergreen billing models with automation and tightly integrated workflows.

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