Glossary definition

What is financial planning and analysis (FP&A) ?

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) analyzes past data, current data, and future data to help teams and executives throughout a company make important decisions on a variety of topics and levels, from profit margins and financial health, to company-growth forecasts.

Budget versus actuals (BVA), or what your actual performance is against expectations, is one of many metrics under FP&A. The Corporate Finance Institute lists 10 FP&A responsibilities ranging from preparing budgets to performing variance analysis.

While FP&A roles typically have a similar objective, there are many industry nuances FP&A professionals incorporate into their analyses and projections. For example, financial planning and analysis reports for small and mid-size SaaS companies may be a monthly requirement by their investors.

Sage Intacct has dynamic reporting and budgeting and planning capabilities made to handle the increasingly important needs of FP&A professionals. And, they are seamlessly integrated into its cloud ERP system that has multi-dimensional data collection, analysis functionality, and reports specific to:

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