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What is SaaS RevOps?

Glossary definition

What is SaaS RevOps?

RevOps, or revenue operations, involves teams and processes throughout the entire customer journey, and may include Marketing, Customer Success, Finance and Sales teams. Collectively, their goal is to bring predictability and consistency to forecasting, planning, and making the bookings plan. They unite behind the RevOps function of improving growth and profit.

You are likely asking, “wait a minute, we’ve been striving to improve growth and profit since day one, why the need for a fancy term?” Well, what is different now is that digital transformation has begun to remove the silos these teams saw in their respective sections of the customer journey. Under a RevOps umbrella, they now they collaborate on tactics and reporting to improve processes and metrics behind a number of steps in the customer journey such as go-to-market (GTM) scaling, sales productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. This cross-functional revenue operations team operates from a shared comprehensive data set to streamline process and workflow execution, improve SaaS metrics, and better align with corporate goals.

The goals of a SaaS RevOps team

This Salesforce article emphasizes the shared goals among Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Service and Finance teams that comprise the Revenue Operations team. Other sources consider RevOps teams to be comprised of Marketing and Sales Operations teams, joined by Customer Success and in some cases an Analytics team and the GTM team.

Why RevOps is important for growing SaaS companies

Ultimately, revenue operations provides stakeholders with visibility and intelligence into the entire customer journey, helping them synergistically impact growth and profitability at every stage. They capture the data across customer relationship management (CRM) and subscription billings systems and manage the forecast for the Sales, Customer Success, and Executive team.

What a RevOps tech stack looks like

The RevOps tech stack eliminates redundant systems, competing demands and conflicting priorities amongst teams. A modern SaaS Finance tech stack is focused on the user and makes it easy for them to securely gain unified visibility and access to data, helping teams become analytically driven. It can help Finance, Sales and Marketing work together to effectively launch new pricing and product offerings quicker and competitively position them to win new markets, whether they be geographies or verticals.

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