Money Matters

Is your company’s job application process a black hole?

Take a minute and put yourself in the shoes of your job applicants. Do they know exactly where they stand in the hiring process (even if they haven’t been selected to move forward)? Or do they fill out a job application and hear nothing but crickets?

According to a recent study from CareerBuilder, the experiences candidates have with a company throughout the application process can make or break their impression of the company. This not only affects their decisions to apply and accept a job offer, but also impacts what they will say to others about doing business with you!

With the pressure today for recruiters to get open construction positions filled quickly, it’s even more important to understand how all your applicants are being treated. Here are a few tips based on what the study’s respondents said they are looking for:

  • Keep the application process as simple as possible and personalize communication whenever you can.
  • Provide an automated reply verifying that your company has received their application. The majority of survey respondents (84 percent) also expect a personal email response.
  • Keep applicants updated throughout the application process. This includes telling applicants they were not selected to move forward in the process.
  • Notify candidates if they weren’t chosen after they interviewed with your company.
  • Treat all applicants with respect every step of the way.

What I found surprising from the CareerBuilder’s study is the small number of employers who actually follow these best practices. For example, only 26 percent of employers proactively communicate with candidates about what stage of the hiring process they are in.

For construction companies looking to hire skilled candidates, improving the job application experience seems like an effective competitive strategy to get the best talent—and even new business—in the door.