On-demand webcast: Solutions for home builders

Home builders often manage disjointed and disconnected technology tools, leading to manually manipulated data, which invites costly human error and eats up time that could be spent on analysis. Because these systems don’t ever seem to get up to date, you end up losing the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time information.

Watch the recording to learn how Sage Intacct Construction works with Hyphen HomeFront to streamline construction management processes. This integration offers home builders accurate, immediate financial information.

This 30-minute webcast covers the following :

  • How Sage Intacct Construction transforms residential construction financial management
  • How lot/project data flows between Sage Intacct Construction and Hyphen HomeFront
  • A demonstration of the seamless integration experience

Integrate build process management and construction financials

Learn how Sage Intacct Construction and Hyphen Homefront streamline construction management processes and offer accurate, immediate financial information.

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