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Sage Book Club: 12 books to celebrate #PrideMonth

June is #PrideMonth.

This month is to both honor the 1969 Stonewall riots and to work towards creating an equitable and inclusive environment for the LGBTQ2+ community.

At Sage, Pride is more than just a month and more than just a rainbow.

As the North American lead for Pride@Sage, our internal colleague success network, I know Sage is doing its part to ensure our LGBTQ2+ colleagues, customers, and partners can live their lives free to bring their whole self to work.

Highlights of some changes Pride@Sage has worked on include:

  • Sage and our colleagues have donated time and funds to LGBTQ2+ charity partners, such as Lost-N-Found Youth an organization that helps LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth get back on their feet.
  • As part of our larger diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy, our talent acquisition team has partnered with organizations like Out in Tech and Queer Tech to increase our LGBTQ2+ talent pool.
  • Our product teams are working to update our terminology to support an inclusive, non-binary approach, for example changing “man hours” to “person hours.”

As we celebrate the progress we have made thus far, we recognize there is still more to be done.

Our vision is to create an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and be given an equal opportunity and an equal voice.

With that goal in mind, here are 12 books — recommended by Pride@Sage colleagues — to help you expand your LGBTQ2+ knowledge and understanding as well as support you in creating a more inclusive culture for your business and your community.

Happy reading!

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Non-fiction books celebrating #PrideMonth

  1. Embrace Your Truth: A Journey of Authenticity by Gabrielle Claiborne with Linda Tatro Herzer

In this book, Gabrielle Claiborne shares her journey of letting go of the life she always known in order to embrace her truth as a transgender woman.

  1. TherActivist: They/Them/Theirs by Khalid White and Dana Theractivist Johnson

TherActivist (“therapeutic activism”) explores the themes of identity, intersectionality, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  1. Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights by Ann Bausum

It’s 1969.  Being Gay in the United States was a criminal offense. Many doctors considered it a mental illness. When the police conduct a “typical” raid on The Stonewall Inn, nothing goes as planned.  What began as a raid, turned into a riot, and inspired a movement.

  1. Allies at Work: Creating a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Inclusive Work Environment by David M. Hall

This book provides a framework for developing inclusive work environments that celebrates all employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.

  1. Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss and the Fight for Trans Equality by Sarah McBride

One of the most prominent transgender activist Sarah McBride urges: “We must never be a country that says there’s only one way to love, only one way to look, and only one way to live.”

  1. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trans (But Were Afraid to Ask) by Brynn Tannehi

As the title suggests, this book is a primer on transgender issues from what does it mean to be transgender to how to be a better ally.

  1. Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story by Jacob Tobia

Who says you need to conform to a gender? Described as a comic memoirist by The New York Times Book Review, Jacob Tobia shares their story about what it’s like growing up with gender norms that didn’t reflect their self-identity.

  1. The End of Gender by Debra Soh

Neuroscientist Dr. Debra Soh uses research to explores gender through the lens of nature versus nurture.

  1. The Book of Pride: LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World by Mason Funk

From the 1960s to present day, this book captures the gay rights movement and features interviews with individuals who fought personal and political battles.

Children’s books celebrating #PrideMonth

  1. My Shadow is Pink by Scott Stuart

Inspired by Scott Stuart’s own son, this story explores the concepts of unconditional love, respect, and positive parenting.

  1. Daddy, Papa, and Me by Leslea Newman

This picture book shows the loving bond between same-sex parents and their children, from hide-and-seek and dress-up, to bath time and goodnight kisses.

  1. And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell

In this true story, two penguins – Roy and Silo – from the Central Park Zoo get the chance to welcome a baby penguin of their very own.

Do you have a book recommendation for #PrideMonth? Share it with us in the comments.

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