Sage Intacct tops G2’s winter 2023 grid reports in customer satisfaction and wins 100+ awards

Customers rated Sage Intacct #1 in customer satisfaction for the 9th year in a row, in the newly released G2 Winter 2023 Reports. Sage Intacct soared to great heights winning 106 awards, including 23 #1 rankings in Grid and Index Reports.

These results are testimony to our dedication to build authentic human connections. After all, Sage Intacct is all about people–we listen to our customers and value their input. We provide people with the insight they need to build their businesses, and flow at work, with simple and straightforward products. It is a huge honor to be ranked at the top in so many categories, thanks to our community of users, partners, and colleagues.

Here are some highlights of the winter report:

Sage Intacct places #1 in 7 Grid Reports

The independently validated reviews of users ranked Sage Intacct #1 in 7 Grid Reports, which are awarded for customer satisfaction, popularity, market presence, and more.

Sage Intacct ranks #1 in 14 Index Reports

We earned the top spot in 14 Index Reports for the usability of our products, relationships we build, quality of support, and more. We are especially excited about these rankings because we had a huge jump, earning more than twice the amount this quarter compared to last quarter.

Sage Intacct takes 1st place in 2 Momentum Grid Reports

G2 also awarded us 1st place on 2 Momentum Grid Reports for year-over-year change in employee growth, review growth, social growth, and web growth.

Sage Intacct ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction in 17 categories

Sage Intacct rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction overall true competitors in a whopping 17 categories this winter. Users LOVE Sage Intacct!

  • Overall Project-Based ERP
  • Overall ERP Systems
  • Overall Revenue Management
  • Mid-Market Accounting
  • Mid-Market Nonprofit Accounting
  • Mid-Market Project-Based ERP
  • Mid-Market Subscription Management
  • Mid-Market Subscription Billing
  • Mid-Market Revenue Management
  • Enterprise Accounting
  • Enterprise Project-Based ERP
  • Enterprise Revenue Management
  • Enterprise AP Automation
  • Small Business Project-Based ERP
  • Momentum ERP Systems
  • Momentum Project-Based ERP
  • Momentum Revenue Management

This customer satisfaction score is based on things like how easy it is to use our product, set it up, and work with us, as well as how likely customers are to recommend us, and more. We are grateful for our customers’ support and honest feedback.

Sage Intacct wins 83 additional awards

On top of all that, Sage Intacct received 83 awards and regional recognition for our strong placement on reports across various market sizes. Included are 41 Leader awards for being in the Leader quadrant in various categories such as Accounting and Revenue Management. We also won multiple Easiest to Use badges for earning the highest Ease of Use rating in its category, as well as a ton of other badges such as High Performer in India and Europe. You’ll hear from our customers following these award details so be sure to keep reading.

How we help customers

The winter reports were a sweeping success. It’s proof that our customers are happy, and Sage Intacct is the best choice for cloud financial management.

Sage Intacct helps finance professionals automate manual tasks such as issuing and processing invoices, keeping track of budgets, creating financial reports, and more. Revenue recognition, your close, and metrics can all be done automatically and with accuracy. Automation frees up time so finance professionals can focus on strategic, higher value work that’s more engaging. We help accounting continue to thrive and make people more productive by finding their flow. Sage Intacct truly elevates the work lives of people.

Our customers LOVE us

Of course, the best way to understand how we help companies and why customers love Sage Intacct is to listen to what they have to say…

Outstanding software for financial reporting!

“One of my favorite features of (Sage) Intacct is its ability to create duplicate invoices and make simplifications (in) the invoice process easily. When modifying a journal entry, rather than having to determine which account to record it in, you can return to a previous entry and change the numbers there. Additionally, exporting data into Excel is a very convenient feature of this software. We rely significantly on Excel exports from the built-in export function within Sage Intacct. Overall, Sage Intacct has proved itself as an exceptional resource–particularly for month-end reconciliation and invoice verification before payment tasks.”

— Liz C, Controller, Small Business

Excellent money management software

“The best things about Sage Intacct Dashboard are the financial reporting, user-friendly layout, and real-time report generation. I’m glad it’s used extensively in our accounting group because it makes changes easy to track and revert if needed. Using the help center is thorough and easy to use, which is excellent when confidence in one’s ability to make alterations without harming process flow is lacking. Being able to modify journal lines immediately is a nice feature as well.”

— Tiju T, Regional Account Manager, Small Business

Sage Intacct is the real deal application for accounting and financial management

“Sage Intacct is an excellent and outstanding solution for accounting which enables us to quicken our accounting processes. It is super easy and fast to implement, set up, and get started with. I like the fact that it is highly customizable to suit your needs. Also, since we started using it, we have been able to avoid human errors since everything is done digitally. I like the cloud-based platform which is amazing and great.”

— Audrey J, Senior Accountant, Mid-Market Company

Best solution for cloud software

“I have used Sage for the last 3 years in 2 different companies. I couldn’t be happier than this. I can do my job from every corner of the globe, at any time. It is fast and easy to navigate. The best part is the import and the integration with other software. Basically, it takes me 30 seconds to import a journal entry that would take me 30 minutes to enter in QB (QuickBooks). I had experienced data loss in the past with QuickBooks, and data integrity was my problem. Not anymore. I would never work with another software after I tried Sage Intacct.”

— Silvana G, Assistant Controller, Small Business

Sage Intacct is the perfect solution for venture-funded startups

“What I like best about Sage Intacct is the readability and comprehensiveness of its reports. Before submitting an account, you can make any necessary modifications or deletions without needing to export the information to Excel first to manipulate it by adding and removing data and calculations. This saves a great deal of time. It is invaluable to know members of our board are confident in the reports we provide them–understanding the findings–while not requiring us to adjust the pieces manually.”

— Lisa W, Director of Finance, Enterprise Company

Sage Intacct is a valuable resource

“The best things I like about Sage Intacct are its powerful reporting features and how you can “customize” the data. The software is also easy to pick up and operate due to its aesthetic design. Another great thing is that Sage (Intacct) users can combine their software with those of other industry giants. Our organization has integrated Sage (Intacct) with various applications, such as Expensify and For the most part, Sage Intacct has exceeded my expectations. I’m delighted we made the transfer to it from our old accounting software.”

— Wendy C, FP&A Manager, Enterprise Company

We would like to take this time to thank our customers for taking the time to share their honest feedback on G2. We value your voice and appreciate your time.

Why we use G2

Now that you’ve heard from customers, we would like to share why G2 is more than just proof points. G2 is the leading platform for software reviews. It collects and analyzes feedback from customers and shares the results each quarter in Grid Reports. These Grid Reports help us understand how well our products are serving our customers. This information is important to us because we are driven to create ground-breaking solutions to help organizations and the people behind them and meet and exceed their needs.

G2 is also a valuable resource for technology shoppers. The review platform gets 80 million buyers coming to their site annually. G2 helps buyers make informed decisions on what to purchase for their organizations based on customer testimonials. The reviews influence their decisions. In fact, according to G2, 86% of software buyers use peer review sites when purchasing software, and 100% of Fortune 500 businesses use G2 to discover new software.

We are inspired by the results of the G2 Winter 2023 Grid Reports. They motivate us to continue to improve. In the coming year, Sage Intacct will continue to build simple, straightforward products that save you time, and enable you to build deeper connections in your community. We look forward to seeing how we can help you thrive and flow.

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