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Seven training tips to attract and retain employees

If you’re looking for ways to attract workers to your construction company—and who isn’t these days–don’t forget about training. Many job seekers are looking for companies that invest in their workers’ career development and growth.

Providing career training is also important to retaining good employees. Well-trained workers who feel confident in their skills will be more productive, more satisfied with their work, and more likely to stay with your company. On the other hand, lack of proper training is a major reason why people leave a company.
How does your training program stack up? Here are a few best practice tips from training experts:

Even if you have a small training budget, there are ways to build an effective training program. One way is to investigate virtual and online training opportunities offered by schools, government agencies, and construction material and technology providers. Many of these web-based educational tools make training more cost effective and may be easier to fit into a busy employees work schedule.