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The basics of IoT in construction

The things around us are changing dramatically. Our cars have become mobile wifi hot spots . . . our wrists are encircled by bracelets that monitor our heart rate and sleep patterns . . . our refrigerators can tell us when we need milk and orange juice and add the items to the grocery list on our smart phones. It’s all just a small part of what is known as the internet of things, or IoT for short.

In the world of construction, there are also plenty of opportunities for IoT technology—from smart equipment, to intelligent buildings, to worker wearables. It’s all fascinating stuff but can be a bit confusing for those new to the concept and its application in construction.  So I turned to a few sources more educated on the topic to provide a basic understanding of this full-steam-ahead technology trend:

Use of IoT in construction is still relatively new, but the possibilities are virtually endless. The only limitation will be our imaginations.