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4 ways Sage Accounting can help you succeed

Running a small business is never easy.

And, then came the global pandemic. Overnight, you learned how to adapt to new norms of working while embracing the reality that things aren’t always in your control.

If you were relying heavily on spreadsheets to manage your business processes, you may have encountered some obstacles with moving your business to a work-from-home model.

Spreadsheets can have some serious limitations, from manual discrepancies to input and formula errors that take of valuable time and resources—in some cases resulting in financial loss.

Switching to a dynamic and fast-paced accounting solution to automate your processes can significantly reduce these errors and enable your small business financial health.

Here are four ways Sage Accounting can help you succeed in 2021 and beyond:

1. Get paid faster

Staying on top of cash flow is so crucial for small business success, and also one of the most common factors for why they don’t. Approximately 90% of business failures are caused by cash flow problems and lack of profits.

Sage Accounting makes managing cash flow easy and takes away the stress of chasing those late payments. With Invoice Payments powered by Stripe, your customers can pay you the moment they receive an invoice from wherever they are. Once payments are made, we automatically match them to your invoices for any fees in real-time—that’s right, you don’t have to lift a finger.

With finances always up to date and a clear view of transactions, you can ensure you get paid fast instead of worrying that you won’t.

2. Reduce admin & boost productivity

As you may know, manual data entry for invoices, receipts, and expenses can mean more time spent on admin and less time growing your business.

With Sage Accounting you can automate your finances, saving you time and reducing data entry errors, so you can run your business as efficiently as possible.

3. Streamline your invoicing

Automating your invoicing means you no longer have to spend those countless hours manually uploading data and chasing late payments.

With Sage Accounting, you can effortlessly create, send, and track your invoices in real-time and from anywhere. Simply select your customer, choose the product or service bought, and send the invoice—you’re well on your way to getting paid.

4. Automate data entry

The small businesses most impacted by recent global events have been those whose operations were disrupted by relying on manual processes. Not only can that make it almost impossible to work from home, but it can dramatically slow down business processes as well.

With live bank feeds and AutoEntry, you can accurately capture all of your data and post them directly into your accounting solution—anytime, from anywhere via our mobile app. No more manually inputting invoices, receipts, or expenses!

Keeping accurate business records and working from anywhere with automated accounting software will leave you with more time to work on the things you enjoy, and add more value to your small business.

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