What clients want in 2021 and beyond

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Businesses have always turned to their accountant in times of need, and recent times have tested this rule to its limit.

Even before the coronavirus disruption, Sage’s most recent Practice of Now research revealed that 86% of US accounting professionals feel that clients expect greater flexibility and better service levels—but for the same fee.

Accountants in the know are acutely aware of their new-found value. Despite the struggle, they’ve taken every business difficulty as an opportunity to show value, and to create new, meaningful relationships.

You can join them.

What clients need in 2021 and beyond

Be better prepared for your clients evolving expectations. Discover the 7 things your clients want in 2021 and beyond.

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Mastering the art of hiring

Preparing for 2021 and beyond

As the world gets back up to full speed following the pandemic, business needs are morphing yet again. The pandemic transformed the way we live and work, and out of that a new kind of client has emerged for 2021 and beyond. Will home working and better accommodation for our personal lives become the norm? With people having embraced technological solutions to enable this, including automation, where should accountants look to find new business in the coming years?

Accounting was already evolving before coronavirus arrived. Again according to the latest Practice of Now data, the majority of US accounting processionals (73%) had—in the last 12 months— examined their business practices as they relate to customers and the evolving marketplace.

If anything, the events of recent years sent things into warp drive. Many accounting practices that would have reached the finish line in their own time have found themselves being pushed from behind by new kinds of client demands. And this isn’t going to change.

Clients in 2021 are fundamentally the same as they ever were, yet different at the same time.

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