Money Matters

Why you need to become an employer of choice

Most of us are painfully aware that we are in the midst of a qualified worker shortage in the construction industry. So what can you do about it? Many staffing experts say to effectively attract and retain good employees in today’s competitive hiring climate you have to become an “employer of choice.”

But what exactly does it mean to be an employer of choice? I like how brand and talent acquisition expert Jody Ordioni describes it in an article she wrote for the recruitment site She said a company knows it is an employer of choice when:

  • People want to work for you.
  • People envy your employees.
  • You receive unsolicited resumes.
  • Your most talented workers stay with the company throughout their careers.

To reach the enviable position of an employer of choice it takes more than just offering a competitive salary. Employees want jobs where they are challenged and can see how their contributions are making a difference for the company. They also want clear career opportunities and want to feel a strong connection to your company culture.

An engaging culture is central to becoming an employer of choice. I recently read an article about how to become one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. According to the piece, one thing all companies on the list have in common “is a management team that’s committed to creating a great company culture that employees love and are proud of.”

Do you have what it takes to be an employer of choice? Those that do will see payoffs in terms of the productivity and profitability that comes with having a focused, skilled, and dedicated workforce.