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Total Economic Impact study finds Sage 100cloud delivers a three-year 176% ROI and payback within six months

Key cost-savings include:

  • Sage 100cloud customers save $540,000+ on inventory management
  • Sage 100cloud customers save $152,000+ on accounting and reporting automation
  • Sage 100cloud customers save $115,000+ on mobile integration productivity

Atlanta, July 29, 2020: Sage (LON: SGE), the market leader in cloud business management solutions, today released the results of its commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. Conducted by Forrester Consulting, the study quantifies potential cost savings and business benefits enabled by Sage’s Business Management Solution, Sage 100cloud, for its mid-sized manufacturing, distribution, service-based customers.

Based on data gathered from Sage 100cloud customer interviews, the study found that:

  • A composite organization would experience a three-year return on investment (ROI) of 176%
  • Sage 100cloud users experienced benefits totaling a net present value of $567,523 in 3 years

Sage 100cloud Customers Experience Over $500,000 in Three-Year Inventory Savings
Forrester created a composite organization based on interviews with four Sage 100cloud customers in Manufacturing & Services and subsequent financial analysis. They found that the software drives down inventory holding costs by 15% and increases productivity by 4%-6%. Additionally, interviewees cited improvements in supply-chain management across the board.

  • In this uncertain time, the ability to be flexible and agile in the face of disruption is incredibly important for businesses.
    • Sage 100cloud customers can expect to realize a three-year 176% ROI and payback within six months

Across the board, Sage 100cloud users reported that the solution’s ability to streamline previous procedures and automate functions that previously slowed down operations has increased productivity at their business.

Sage 100cloud Customers Get a Look Ahead with the New ROI Calculator
Going forward, potential Sage 100cloud customers will be able to access a custom ROI Calculator made to calculate potential savings with the product as well. Working with Sage customers, Forrester identified and quantified key benefits of investing in Sage 100cloud, including cost savings, accounting automation efficiencies, and productivity improvement.  This interactive ROI calculator will provide these potential benefits in a custom, dynamically generated report for download.

As organizations evolve and change at a faster pace than ever before, they must do all they can to stay agile and flexible in the business environment. More and more organizations are turning to Enterprise Resource Planning, or business management software, to help to create a single source of truth for the business to have cohesive and efficient operations that give real-time insights into the business.

Gregory Billhardt, American Cutting Edge President and COO had this to say:

“Sage 100cloud has been of demonstrable value to us. Between the revenue generation and cost savings, Sage 100cloud has easily provided us with a benefit of $100,000.

Our use of the product has allowed us to make our customer experience as seamless as possible, enabling us to more efficiently enact our strategy.”

“We are witnessing businesses from across our ecosystem experience disruption in their supply chain due to Covid-19, significantly impacting end-customers and manufacturers alike” said Nancy Harris, Managing Director, Sage North America. “Sage 100cloud allows our customers to have the insights and capabilities they need to operate as smoothly as possible in the face of uncertainty and disruption.”

For more information on Sage 100cloud customers and The Total Economic Impact™ of the Sage 100cloud Solution study as well as the ROI calculator, please visit here.

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