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Courthouse athletic club - UNITED STATES

Courthouse Athletic Club finds financial flexibility with Sage Intacct

Fitness club gets smart with its financial management thanks to Sage software, allowing it to focus on what it does best

Difficult-to-access data weighing down the business

With 16,000 members and revenues of over $15m, Courthouse is a serious business; but its legacy, server-based accounting software was some way short of ideal. A new bookkeeper was brought onboard who immediately recognized the need to transition to a modern system that would automate paper-heavy, labor-intensive processes.

We needed a financial system that would change and grow with us, and make it easy to extract timely, transaction-level detail.

Tyler Shockley
Finance Director

Shift in emphasis from data recording to financial strategy

Implementation of Sage Intacct is helping Courthouse’s financial team to reduce its manual accounting tasks that used to take days to just hours, as well as eliminating unnecessary paper usage. The automation is freeing up the company’s Finance Director to be able to focus on providing financial leadership, rather than data recording.

Before Sage Intacct, my job was more of a data recording position, where I spent 80% of my time just trying to get information into or out of our legacy system.

Tyler Shockley
Finance Director

Financial insights help pump up the volume

One of the biggest improvements Courthouse has achieved by moving to Sage Intacct is unmatched visibility. The critical insight empowers the business to address market conditions that led to a decline in membership a few years ago. They also use the system to find ways to promote and optimize Courthouse’s most profitable programs.

Since the system automatically sends reports to managers every month, they’re proactively tackling expense overspending and making more informed decisions.

Tyler Shockley
Finance Director

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