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Payroll Bureau software for accountants

Deliver a professional payroll service that saves you time, reduces errors and eliminates manual processes. Connect to your clients and their employees through smart online technology.


Improve efficiency

Easily manage multiple payroll clients and stay productive with the latest cloud technology. Modernise your payroll with automated features that ensure accuracy and save time.

Take control

Stay on top of compliance—automatically. Simplify, automate and standardise processes so you can focus on delivering an even better experience for your small and medium sized clients.

Stay connected

Connect with your clients and their employees with smart online tools. Collate and share data securely, and automated emails also keep you and your clients updated in real-time.

Online payslips

Share payslips and P60s online with your clients and their employees and deliver pay-related documents faster, easier and more securely—with no printing, stationary or postage costs.

Employees can view and download their own payslips as soon as you publish them. Employees and clients have self-service access to their own data so they can search their past payslips with ease—you’ll never need to reprint a payslip again.

Online timesheets

No more spreadsheets, word docs, or the tedious back and forth with clients. Automate key processes and reduce the amount of time spent on manual data capture.

The way it works is simple: online timesheets are recorded by the client or their employees. The client payroll team then approves the timesheets online, and the data is automatically captured into your Sage Payroll Bureau software.

Online documents

Store, share, and transfer files in a secure online portal and reduce the risks of sharing sensitive data. You can also track stakeholder approvals, ensure GDPR compliance, and access an audit trail for tracking decision-making. Set up automated email notifications to indicate when documents are ready for review or action.

Bureau Manager

This free add-on provides a customisable view of your bureau so you can see all your clients and tasks in one easy-to-use dashboard. Add custom fields for simple things like client contact details and key cut-off dates for payroll. Save time and access your clients with a single login. Manage user access easily for your practice. Run updates in one go quickly, easily and without needing to access clients one by one.

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