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The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS): An essential guide for contractors and subcontractors

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Those working in construction have many legal responsibilities.

Complying with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and the VAT domestic reverse charge for construction are just two.

But you can make your life easier with our must-have free guide: Tackling the Construction Industry Scheme with Sage Accounting.

It provides all the information you need in a concise, readable way. There’s simply no better way to get the vital information you need to immediately start operating under the CIS.

What you get

The sections in the guide explain in detail everything you need to know about how to register and operate under the CIS as a contractor or subcontractor (or both).

Topics covered in this extensive guide include:

  • Do you need to register for the CIS?
  • What kind of work requires CIS registration?
  • A full guide to registering as a contractor or subcontractor
  • Applying for gross payment status as a subcontractor to avoid unnecessary tax deductions
  • How to verify a subcontractor so you don’t pay the wrong taxes
  • Calculating and making a CIS deduction on a payment
  • How to pay a subcontractor and the legal requirements
  • Paying HMRC the CIS money you collect, and sending returns
  • Issuing a payments and deductions statement to subcontractors
  • How to create a CIS-compliance invoice as a subcontractor
  • What is the VAT domestic reverse charge for construction – and what do you need to do?
  • How accounting software can take away the pain of complying with the CIS as either a contractor or subcontractor

The only guide you need

Helping construction workers and providing all the knowledge they need is the goal behind creating this guide. For those new to the CIS and the VAT domestic reverse charge, it will help you gain clarity on all that you need to know.

Already using the scheme? Use the guide to brush up on your knowledge of the CIS.

Tackling the Construction Industry Scheme with Sage Accounting

Learn about the Construction Industry Scheme and your legal responsibilities, and find out about the new VAT reverse charge for construction.

Download your free guide
8,586 readers have downloaded this guide
8,586 readers have downloaded this guide

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