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Be future-ready with the Distributor’s guide to micro-fulfilment

The Distributor's guide to micro-fulfilment explores how technology can help you navigate through current and future business circumstances.

The micro-fulfilment era, catapulted by the coronavirus pandemic, has created both challenges and opportunities for the distribution industry.

Whereas technology is the solution for distributors to thrive within this ever-changing landscape, the transportation and logistics sectors are slow to adapt, in comparison to others.

To combat this, the Distributor’s guide to micro-fulfilment breaks down the components of a successful micro-fulfilment strategy, supported by global research into the trends disrupting the industry.

This guide also features insights from industry experts who specialise in supply chain digitalisation:

  • Ashwin Ramasamy: Founder of PipeCandy, a direct-to-consumer consulting firm with major distributors such as UPS, Australia Post, Royal Mail and Post Canada as clients.
  • Lisa Anderson: Founder of globally recognised LMA consulting firm, specialising in end-to-end supply chain transformation that maximises the customer experience and enables profitable and scalable business growth.

Micro-fulfilment is the new normal

According to EFT’s global Supply Chain Last Mile Report 2020, 65% of retail delivery and logistics providers worldwide believe increased delivery options to be their most important focus over the next three years.

In addition, 35% of logistics industry professionals see ecommerce fulfilment as a trend that will be maintained or grown over the next 12 months, despite higher trade barriers.

Distributors need to find new ways to partner with their customers to become more efficient for the end customer. That means re-imagining workflows and identifying where distributors can integrate to move closer to the end customer.

This guide explores how distributors can use technology to support their customers in new ways, considering…

  • What micro-fulfilment is and how it changes the distributor’s role
  • The challenges with data, skills and cultural gaps that distributors must address
  • How a sharing business model can be beneficial and how to minimise high investment costs
  • How technology redefines collaboration for distributors
  • What distributors should do to prepare for market changes in the future.

Demystify the future with micro-fulfilment

Download the Distributor’s guide to micro-fulfilment today and discover how technology can help you to navigate through the pandemic and build a successful micro-fulfilment strategy.

Distributor’s guide to micro-fulfilment

Discover how your firm can leverage technology so you can create partnerships and build revenue with last mile delivery.

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