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What is an HR system?

Glossary definition

What is an HR system?

An HR system is usually a computer system that supports the HR team or manager in an organisation.

But it can also apply to the overall system that the HR department uses to manage all of its functions – they may not all be within a single application.

HR systems are increasingly sophisticated.

They can speed up and enhance everything from job advertising and recruitment to onboarding, employee experience, performance management, rewards and benefits, and employee communication.

Different organisations pick the solution that works best for them – and for their budget.

HR technology systems are designed to hold employee data securely.

Today, this data isn’t just used to keep records but to gain insight into employee experience and talent management, helping organisations better plan their resourcing and give their workforce a great experience.

That’s how HR systems support People teams to play a more strategic role in their business.

In a market where there’s competition for the most talented workers, employers need to understand what their people want and need so they can attract and retain them.