Season 1: Finding and keeping great people

Duke Stump Chief Brand Officer at Newlab

How empathy can empower your team to deliver incredible dividends

When we value something, we cherish it. We give it the light and love it needs, the attention it deserves. When we do that, we see the best results. So, why in business do we take such a different approach?

Take care of your people, they will take care of the rest

Your people are your company’s heartbeat, not the figures on a spreadsheet. The vitality of your internal culture is living proof that your business has a soul. This is a place of beauty, bounty and possibility. Your people are at the centre of this. So, focus here. Curate a collective of diverse thinkers, ethnicities, and genders. Then set them free. The results will astound you.

The following ideas bring to life the principles of It Begins Inside. These ideas are rooted in understanding the value and potential of people. Yet this isn’t kindness without a cause: your work here will reward your business tenfold.    

1. Widen your lens

When we work in the same place, day-in, day-out, often our lens becomes myopic, and our work becomes staid. The same ideas come and go, and the same influences shape our work. Yet the wider world offers so much opportunity for stimulus and insight. So, look elsewhere, and never stop learning. Look at other businesses, observe the natural world. Look at art, science and philosophy. Encourage your team to do the same. It’ll help you bring new meaning and ideas to your work. 

2. It begins on day one

For any new team member, onboarding is critical. It sets the tone for the future. So, create an immersive experience for them. Let them live and breathe your brand. Let them turn your brand inside out. It’s not an expense, it’s an investment. Use this opportunity to create the conditions for progress and new possibilities. This time is gold. Use it wisely.

3. Embrace empathy

Caring for people is a quality inherent in any soulful business. So, take time to understand the essence of your people. Curate and cultivate a culture of empathy. It’ll help you connect and collaborate, and build better relationships. Invest time here. Have faith in reciprocity; your people will thank you and amaze you.  

Too often, we’re led to believe that investing in people is time-consuming and expensive. But have faith. Your efforts will return incredible dividends. I’ve seen it happen.

The journey downstream is beautiful.