How to improve time management and reduce stress

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I have spent almost 10 years helping businesses to improve their time management and productivity and reduce stress levels. During this time I have tried various methods and gradually I have discovered the best ways of achieving this.

When you feel that you constantly have too much to do and not enough time, this is a very stressful situation. With the whole world being ‘on’ the whole time it can be difficult to switch off properly, or even to switch off at all. However switching off is vital for all of us, for our wellbeing, health and family life. How can this be achieved?

I have noticed patterns amongst my clients. Often those who do not have enough time are those people who love helping others, volunteer for many good causes, run their own team or business, and do not spend enough time with family and friends.

The overwhelming feeling that ensues is unpleasant and counter-productive. What can be done?

Here are some tips and strategies to help you:

  • Learn to say ‘no’ much more frequently. People will not think less of you because you said no, they may even respect you more because you know your boundaries and stick to them. (They may also be jealous as they don’t know how to switch off themselves.)
  • Switch your phone off when you want to have some real quality time out. Also turn it off at night so that you can sleep properly and feel refreshed upon waking the next morning, instead of feeling exhausted or anxious in the belief that you must be answerable to everyone who chooses to contact you at their convenience.
  • Work hard on your inner dialogue – the way that you communicate with yourself. Talk positively to yourself at all times and think positively about yourself and about your actions as much of the time as possible. Often people find this quite difficult to maintain, however it is imperative for your success.
  • Keep striving to improve your productivity by asking yourself questions. For example, what are the most important tasks that I must accomplish today? Use this technique whenever you are unsure what to do, it always works.

When you have mastered the art of time management, you will find your stress levels will be naturally reduced. Being more productive, more proactive and less stressed provides more time to generate profit. You will find time to include regular marketing activities, you will feel confident to make contact with new potential leads and you will be able to deal with any rejection positively – to simply move on to the next new contact.

Feeling good about yourself by talking and thinking positively you will achieve more in less time. Much of the work that is involved to improve time management is around keeping the glass half full at all times. Our subconscious mind is extremely powerful, it takes on board whatever you choose to feed it, so feed it good thoughts whether you believe them or not and gradually they will become self-fulfilling.

So by taking the time to improve self-management and time management, you will see results in growing turnover and profit. If you regularly think that you don’t have time to change, it could be that you cannot afford to stay as you are. Your health and your business depend upon it.

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