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Is your business running you?

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As businesses grow, they become more complex – making everyday tasks more difficult and more time consuming than the day before. You can start to feel as if you’re not as in-control as you’d like. And instead of focusing on growing your business, you spend most of your day, lurching from one crisis to another.

Is Your Business Running You? Identifies the faults that develop within growing a business, such as the creation of business silos based around departments (or even individuals).

It discusses the lack of visibility that the complexity of a growing business can bring about, and leverages data recently carried out by data and marketing services company IDG that examines how business executives worldwide see challenges – and how they’d like to fix things.

Learn how to fix typical problems that every growing business faces by making better use of automation and data analytics to get superb insight. This allows you to transform your role from being reactive to becoming proactive.

Suddenly you’re able to drive the business forward and problems are turned into opportunities you can use to drive growth.

Is Your Business Running You? offers advice on:

  • Identifying the problems that stall growth in an ambitious business
  • Recognising the reasons behind these problems and addressing the negative impacts they can have
  • Leveraging technology to provide the true instant insight required for smart business growth

Excerpt from Is Your Business Running You?

For more insights into what you can learn from Is Your Business Running You?, here’s an excerpt from the white paper.


Picture this scenario: You end your day thinking about how you’d like to focus tomorrow. You may have a project or business case you’d finally like to dust off and begin focusing on.

Or you may have a financial target you know you could achieve if you could just move a business case from concept to execution. You think: “I’m going to spend time on this tomorrow.” You may even attempt to block off time in your calendar.

But then tomorrow comes and you wake up to an email telling you that your top consultant was poached by a competitor. Then you find out that a key account is upset their current project missed a milestone. To make it worse, you have a vendor who says you have outstanding bills.

You check and the reason why the customer’s project is delayed is because the same vendor hasn’t shipped the products you ordered. Finance tells you your working capital ratio is moving below 1%. Oh, and the bank tells you you’ll be delayed in closing on your business loan because of an issue with underwriting.

Day in, day out, well-made, productive plans dissolve because of operational pitfalls that you cannot help but think you could have avoided. Even worse, you know the company’s performance is not as good as it could be.

And perhaps you and your staff feel stifled by rarely being able to work on the projects they know will drive the business forward.

Sound familiar?

If so then your business may be running you. It may be time to make time to finally address these operational challenges. You can regain the control you need, and be proactive rather than reactive.

You can put yourself in a position to make informed decision, rather than being forced to compromise. Those businesses who’ve made the leap to a different, better way of working report that it doesn’t take a huge amount of effort.

Consider the rewards. Your role can be transformed. You can be ready with plans for the future and able to deal with any contingency. Business problems transform into business challenges, and solving them becomes the way you grow the company and progress your career.

This paper examines the symptoms that indicate your business may be running you, and the negative impacts they have on your business – from limiting future growth to demotivating employees. It then examines how technology can help solve the issues, giving you more control to run your business the way you choose.

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Is your business running you?

As your growing business gets more complex, are you seeing signs of stalling growth? Download this free white paper to discover how automation, analytics and technology can help your business to keep things moving effectively.

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