Mentors roundup: What’s the “secret sauce” to your business success?

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The second day of Sage Summit was another day of meeting with our impressive, varied, passionate and funny mentors. We quizzed them about their business philosophies, successes and even failures.

And we learned a lot. Here are just a few of the many nuggets of wisdom we gathered for you. (With much more to come!)

What’s the “secret sauce” to your own business success?

Sherrin Rose Ingram, International Center for Strategic Planning:

My peer group! I love the fresh eyes and the challenge to my thinking. They really make me dig deep. We call each other out on everything and ask each other things like: Why do you think that? Where does that assumption come from? What substantiates that? It’s beatdown city. But when you leave you have expanded your perspective and make better decisions.

Stephania Herrera, Next Level Marketing Team:

Personalisation. We make every interaction very personal. A lot of marketing companies do one templated marketing plan and just hand it over to their clients and say, Here you go. With my business, we make sure that clients don’t feel like they just get a marketing team, they get a partner for life. We put an emphasis on building relationships first.

What’s a typical mistake small business owners make?

Shirley Hogsett, Destiny Speaks :

A big mistake that small business owners make is to think that they can’t be public speakers! If you are in the business, doing it every day and you know what’s going on in your industry, you have it in you. Find that place inside you that has that industry knowledge and just focus on what you know. I talk to small business owners and they say, “Well I can do sales calls or talk to two or three people but I can’t speak in front of 100 people.” But if they shift their focus to what they know, and not who is in the audience, they will gain that confidence to do it!

Anil Gupta, Immediate Happiness:

Small businesses need to develop one master discipline, and that discipline is awareness. Awareness gives you focus, focus gives you action, action gives you results. Above all else, awareness gives you clarity. That’s something a lot of businesses are missing – clarity. They need to know where they really are, not just where they think they are. That way they can better anticipate market trends and the way things are moving. This mindset is paramount to creating a more successful business.

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