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Move beyond ERP: A guide on moving to a modern enterprise management solution

Taking control of your entire business, from the management of the supply chain to overseeing sales, means it can be run efficiently and effectively. Having the right solution in place can help you achieve this and keep your company moving forward.

However, using a legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will hold you back.

Your business is facing a new reality where globalisation, a mobile workforce, and new apps and tools have changed the game. With this are new challenges around:

  • Data – it’s being generated at rapid speeds and you’re required to use it to make intelligent decisions at pace.
  • Organisational silos – these will be slowing your business down as individual units and teams use tools and systems to meet their needs rather than those of the company as a whole.
  • Satisfying your customers – business can be conducted anytime and anywhere, meaning there are greater demands to keep customers happy.

By using a legacy ERP solution, your business won’t be able to stay ahead of these challenges. So what can you do?

Move beyond ERP is a guide that highlights how a move away from a legacy solution can help your business adapt to changing business requirements, utilise data analytics and business intelligence functions for smarter decision making, and simplify every part of your company.

Move beyond ERP covers the following topics:

  • Why modern enterprise management is the new business reality
  • Why modern businesses can no longer succeed with traditional ERP
  • What to look for in a modern enterprise management solution
  • It’s time to change your expectations
  • Run your entire enterprise from the cloud? Now you can

An excerpt from Move beyond ERP

ERP was developed to help organisations manage their basic finance and accounting tasks. Over the years, it evolved into a system that automates, manages and delivers greater visibility into administration, operational, financial, HR, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, sales and marketing, and customer service functions.

But ERP’s reputation and value have deteriorated over time, to the point where only 12% of corporate executives say they are “very satisfied” with their current ERP solutions – and 59% of global companies say they are “burdened” by them. Why?

Because they:

  • Are too complex
  • Aren’t flexible or customisable
  • Lack the level of real-time data collection and analytics that provide the insight they need to make smart, timely decisions
  • Can’t adequately scale as the global economy grows and intensifies.

Are you interested in taking advantage of a faster, simpler, more flexible enterprise management solution that supports your current needs and will promote your competitive edge well into the future? Now you can.

Move beyond ERP

Read this guide to discover why a modern enterprise management solution is necessary if you want to keep up in today's business world and how you can make the move beyond ERP.

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