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How Sage is helping small businesses thrive in a post-Brexit world 

In a year with more challenges than we can count for small businesses across the world, we have good news as we look to 2021.

The list of things you and your business had to adapt to in 2020 probably has you fearing new year’s resolutions and the unexpected adaptations you might be facing – with Brexit uncertainty being one such thing to consider.

What is certain, though, is that the UK is now coming to the end of the Brexit transition period which ends on 31 December 2020. This may lead one to think 1 January 2021 might cause more headaches than the time spent overindulging the night before.

If Brexit – and how it will change your business processes – is on your list of things to worry about during this holiday season, you can tick this off because we’ve got you covered.

At Sage, we’ve made the necessary updates to Sage Accounting alongside our other small business solutions to ensure you won’t spend the holiday period frantically learning new tax codes or scrambling to analyse which of your customers are in or out of the EU.

Want to learn more broadly about how Brexit and the end of the transition period might impact your business? Check out our blog on how Brexit will affect businesses.

A new year worth celebrating

You’ve probably been planning for how 2021 can provide a brighter outlook for your business than the year we’re all ready to put in the rear-view mirror.

We’ve been planning how we can help you.

At Sage, we’re empowering our customers to put their full focus on thriving in this new normal.

We’ve introduced really smart technology for you, which means Sage Accounting automatically handles the hard stuff. The new scenarios for applying them are automatically understood by the system when you enter transactions.

And Brexit deal or no deal, we’ll always keep you up to date when it comes to tackling new legislation.

We want a world for small businesses where are fewer worries and no new stresses from figuring out complex scenarios.

Therefore, we’re ensuring our technology deals with the complexities of tax so you can focus on your business – we call this dynamic tax determination.

“Sage Accounting dynamic tax determination really helps take the worry out of getting tax right, and knowing they have me covered for Brexit is one less thing to get stressed about too” – Stefan, financial accountant at Bee Motion

Are we postponing yet another thing?

You might have heard about postponed accounting and thought it fit right in with the theme of 2020 and your abandoned holidays and plans.

Potentially, it also filled you with dread; adding yet another item to your list of things to worry about.

We hope 2021 signals the beginning of less postponing and more thriving.

If you need to account for postponed VAT accounting for imports, we’ve simplified what might seem quite complex by equipping Sage Accounting with the tools to easily flag suppliers as importers.

The system will automatically do all of this postponed accounting without you postponing your focus on your business, therefore helping you keep control of your cash flow.

2021 is the year of going places 

Even if you managed to squeeze in a short break in 2020, the world feels a bit smaller – but that doesn’t mean your business ambitions need to.

In 2020, we’ve seen an eruption of innovative ways for small businesses to bring their products and services to the world stage by utilising technology.

It’s never been easier to go global, and Sage Accounting is here to support you.

We’ve made it super easy to invoice in any currency (with live exchange rates – so no more spreadsheets) and extended our clever tax automation to make sure we keep you right at every step.

We’re here to help you showcase your business to the world. And with Sage Accounting, that doesn’t mean more time building complex reports. We’ve got you covered with easy-to-use reports that tell you just what you need to know.

We’ve also made importing easier too, with support for the £135 consignment scheme just a click away.

We think all of us are hoping for a bit more time out of the ‘office’ and home, which for most of us are likely the same place today.

We anticipated (probably with as much excitement as you) that being more ‘mobile’ is less about our phones and more about getting out into the world.

We’re so bullish about this, we’ve ensured our Sage Accounting mobile app is ready to provide you with the same smart technology to help you deal with post-Brexit requirements.

As we venture out, you can be confident your mobile app will automatically take care of the complexities of Brexit while you rediscover the world beyond your front door.

For existing customers, see how Sage Accounting can help you manage the transition by checking out our detailed help and guidance.

Additional support for you

To help you get ready for the end of the Brexit transition period, visit our resource hub where you can familiarise yourself with the upcoming changes and how they could impact your business.

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