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What does CX Day and customer experience mean to you?

Here at Sage we are really proud to support CX Day as our customers mean a lot to us. Our group of Business Experts discuss what CX Day means for their business and the importance of listening to their customers. What are your thoughts on CX Day?


What I do know having worked for a CX consultancy, is that customer experience is the everyday actions that make your customers happier and their lives easier. If you do not listen to your customer you will not know what actions will make them happy. Always ask and listen: your customers are your best innovators and creators.


From me, the importance of listening to your customers has a number of benefits. My top 3 are:

  1. Demonstrates that you care about your customers
  2. Demonstrates that your customers are valuable and important
  3. Gains more customer loyalty

Alongside this, it’s important to listen and take action on that feedback. There’s no point listening and not doing anything with the feedback you receive. Listening is an active process. There’s no excuses for not listening these days – and you can get plenty of great and valuable information from your customers/potential clients via blogs and social media.


CX Day is an opportunity for me and my business to learn and better my businesses’ customer experience. I love that it’s an event that’s easily accessible and you can take part in the conversation from wherever you are in the world.

Listening to your customers is the only way you can really go forward in business for 2 main reasons: so you can create a better customer experience for them and so that they don’t leave and go to the competition. I’ve had a few different businesses over the years and this is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned: in order to grow your business, you need to listen and learn from your customers.


At Eélan M every day is #CX Day because we subscribe to the idea of HUG-ing our customers. Hearing Understanding and Giving back incredible value, all the time. When you give someone a good enough HUG, they will want to HUG you back. Applied to customers, this means they will want to buy from you, buy more often and best of all they will tell their community and connections about you. Consequently you get the best type of free marketing, referral marketing. Therefore, on #CX Day it will be business as usual for us – giving an incredible service. Clearly doing it once a year isn’t enough.

Listening to our customers is how we know that we are responding to their needs in a way that meets their requirements. The H for hear in our HUG would not work without the U for understanding. Listening without understanding what it means for your business is like not listening at all. Today businesses can’t afford not to give customers what they want because today’s customer has instant access to information on a global scale. This means they can easily choose someone else over you if you are not addressing their PAIN (problems aspirations issue needs). Not listening is clearly bad for business because if you don’t listen how do you know if you have got something wrong. Disgruntled customers who take to Social media to complain can do damage to micro businesses as well as big brands. On a more positive note, listening to customers can help you differentiate your product from your competitors. Also, it can give insights into how you should be innovating and developing your offer to meet future requirements and capture new markets.


Listening to one’s clients is absolutely paramount for any business. Most of the time they choose you because of the experience you offer them, not just the service or product. In our case, from the feedback we have received and keep receiving, great service and great experience for our clients has meant first and foremost responsiveness. We always reply very quickly to enquiries and the clients appreciate it. Full support during the project (keeping them updated and consulting wherever needed), as well as follow-ups to ensure everything is OK after delivery are always appreciated. We try to make every day CX day!


CX Day recognises the growing importance of Customer Experience to the success your business. As consumers have moved online, their expectations of ease, convenience and speed have rapidly increased, driven by innovative new services such as Uber.

At Funding Options, we’re using the internet to revolutionise the traditional market for business loans, which means constantly listening for what works for our customers. For example, each year we carry out dozens of online tests on our website, all the way from trivial changes such as the right colour for a button, through to fundamental business questions such as whether customers prefer to self-serve or speak to an advisor.

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