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Accountants, here’s how to help your clients navigate the digital world

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The UK has transformed from a nation of shopkeepers to one bustling with entrepreneurs. And as businesses evolve, so does the way they handle accounting in an increasingly digital-first world.

From tracking invoices to processing payroll and taking control of taxes, it’s all available online, with a bunch of new do-it-yourself accounting tools making it easier to manage money and stay compliant with HMRC.

But just because these tools are available doesn’t mean your clients are confident using them or feel ready to make the move from more traditional accounting just yet. That’s where you – and our new guide – come in.

Why you need an accountant in a digital world is a guide you should download now.

Share it with your clients (and potential clients) to showcase exactly how you can help boss their business. It’s packed with insights and research on key topics, including:

  • The changing role of accountants, from number cruncher to adviser
  • Getting the basics right with digital accounting
  • Taking control of tax, from Self Assessment to Making Tax Digital
  • Practical steps to business success.

Educate and empower

Advances in cloud technology have changed the way small businesses work. But that’s not all that’s changed.

The way we manage finances has evolved too – and with it, your role as an accountant.

During the pandemic, an impressive 53% of small and medium-sized businesses have become more reliant on their accountants, whether they’re a mature company or just starting out.

What does that mean for you?

You’re not just a number cruncher they go to at the end of the year. You’re a partner, someone who can offer advice and help business owners navigate the next frontier of finances.

Why businesses still need an accountant in a digital world

Our new guide, Why you need an accountant in a digital world, highlights exactly why small businesses and accountants are a dream team.

It’s packed with expert research from Sage, showing how accountants can help those starting out in business boss it from day one and get to grips with the latest developments in accounting technology.

Keep this guide on hand to help you win new business, and show clients how you can help them on their journey to becoming digitally savvy.

Why you need an accountant in a digital world

From navigating the complicated world of tax to managing finances and using digital tools to take care of bookkeeping, show your clients and prospects how you can be a valuable partner to their business.

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