Why your business needs a personality

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Business owners often don’t show their customers who they really are because they are overwhelmed by the day-to-day workload of running a business and gaining more customers to overtly demonstrate personality in this regard.

The lack of personality can lead to indifference, to showing customers that you do not care and as a result can even lead to you losing customers.

Flexible working, flexible employees?Customers must identify similar values in you and your business that they see in themselves; if customers cannot identify with you if there is no connection they can and will leave you when another values based connection arrives. Use your personality to:

  • Become identifiable;
  • Make connections;
  • Build a relationship with your customers

What is personal business personality?

Your personality has been built through your experience, your passions, your values and your skills over time; this is your unique personality. Business owners must have in mind that their brand is a personality, customers connect with people rather than inanimate objects and people have personality traits and characteristics. Personality does not have to be larger than life, your business just needs to invest in having one.

Automotive advertising is very much geared to the personality of the car using emotive words such as racy, fun, smooth, safe etc… Customers cannot engage with a box on wheels, they can identify with and relate to the values portrayed in the brand personality of the car. Customers must identify with and engage in a relationship to build loyalty with the product or service of the business.

The most important part of any business is the people and characteristics in it. Large companies have realised this using marketing to develop the brand personality of the product or service. Companies like Virgin and Apple benefit from the personality of Richard Branson and Steve Jobs.

The deeper the personality is ingrained in the business brand, the stronger relationship with the customers that share similar values. Business owners need to realise the benefits and importance of branding their business with personality:

  • People buy people with shared values.
  • Personality is ‘you-er than you’ unique.
  • Personality develops brand loyalty.
  • People share what they trust with people they share values with.

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