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Sage Intacct unveils new features to streamline operations and boost productivity

Latest updates will help to unleash organisations full potential.

28 February, 2024Sage, the leader in accounting, financial, HR, and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), today announces a series of updates to Sage Intacct. Primed to help organisations drive more productivity, the latest enhancements range from optimising and automating projects management tasks through powerful artificial intelligence (AI), to improving efficiency with better data flows and operational flows. 

"Through our latest release, we're supporting mid-sized businesses in modernising, streamlining processes, and enhancing productivity," said Dan Miller, EVP Financials and ERP Division. "In today's challenging business environment marked by economic turbulence and time constraints, it’s more important than ever to have the right technology to help with business decision making and ultimately grow. Our latest enhancements, from AI-powered project management to seamless data flows, not only address these needs but are crafted to provide deeper insights and aid decision-making across diverse industries." 

“The introduction of AI-driven project and resource management as well as enhanced data integration tools is a testament to Sage's commitment to fostering innovation and efficiency,” said Dennis Kayser, CEO, Forecast. “As partners, we see these updates as a great opportunity to enhance our combined offering, enabling us to support our clients in achieving streamlined operations and strategic growth." 

Sage Intacct Product Enhancements Include:  

  • AI-Powered Professional Services Automation: Helping organisations to truly transform their project operations Sage Intacct's AI-powered Project & Resource Management, powered by Forecast, gives greater visibility into resourcing, keeping projects on time and optimising delivery across organisations.

    Availability: US and Canada.
  • Fixed Assets Management: Sage Intacct's Sage Fixed Assets Management streamlines the tracking of assets from acquisition to disposal. With a user-friendly design, it automates multi-book depreciation, ensuring compliance with both financial and tax requirements. Serving as a comprehensive hub, its user-friendly design facilitates effortless self-implementation, ensuring a simple and hassle-free onboarding experience. 

    Availability: Across all regions.  
  • Data Flows for Seamless Connectivity: With Sage Intacct's Data Flows customers will now be able to easily link their separate data systems in a cost-efficient way. This means business users can quickly and safely set up connections to applications such as Customer Relationship management software or Excel spreadsheets and the data they need for their daily work.  

    Simple to set up, it doesn’t require expensive technical knowledge, making the process smoother and helping people to get more done, whilst offering valuable insights. The prebuilt connector for HubSpot is also available, helping combine financial and sales information for a complete overview.

    Availability: US and Canada.
  • Forms and Operational Flows: With Sage Intacct's Forms and Operational Flows, companies can really improve how they work. Combining self-service portals and an easy-to-use form builder makes it easier to collect and share data, reducing manual tasks and making sure information is correct in both day-to-day operations and financial activities. This tool is very flexible and lets you digitise various processes like approvals, sending data to other apps, and more, which helps users get more done. It's user-friendly and allows businesses to enhance their regular workflows without needing IT help or outside services.

    Availability: US and Canada.
  • Non-profit Forms and Operational Flows: Introducing prebuilt flows tailored for non-profit organisations, helping non-profit organisations streamline grant-making, donor-advised funds portals, and vendor contracting processes. From grant application through approval to funding and payables, the prebuilt forms and flows can be used out of the box or tailored. 

    Availability: US and Canada.
  • Construction Commitment Compliance: Customers in the construction industry can automate tracking of compliance requirements with Sage Intacct.  Addressing the unique needs of the construction industry, Sage Intacct automates tracking of compliance requirements and supporting documents for construction commitments. Compliance records are validated during AP payment issuance to support regulatory adherence. 

    Availability: US and Canada.
  • Global expansion for Sage Intacct: Sage Intacct continues to expand its core financial offering in continental Europe, by announcing an early adopter programme of Sage Intacct Financials in Germany. Enabling multi-national customers, operating in Germany, to expand their operations with Sage Intacct faster and easier. It will also offer German-based companies the power of Sage Intacct’s capabilities to simplify and automate their multi-entity financial operations giving them data and insights to better run their business. 

    Availability: Germany.
  • Distribution and Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct: Distribution and Manufacturing Operations for Sage Intacct continues to develop its powerful operations management to support distributors and manufacturers with quicker decisions around resource utilisation. Helping growing manufacturing and distribution companies around the world streamline and automate their workflows and processes, the platform is incorporating AI. 

    Availability: Early adopters in US, UK, South Africa, Germany, and France.


Media contact:  

Ryan Macgee-Swanson, Product PR Manager 

[email protected] 


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