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Squaring the circle: how food and drink manufacturers can unlock the value of the circular economy after Covid-19

A new in-depth whitepaper by The Grocer Vision and Sage sets out the new business case for the circular economy 

Building future resilience and competitiveness is now part of the circular economy business case.

Faced with huge pressures in the wake of Covid-19, food and drink manufacturers would be forgiven for thinking that circular economy principles are a luxury they just cannot afford right now.

But circularity vs economic survival is a false choice. The climate crisis isn’t going anywhere, nor is consumer demand for more sustainable food options. And resilience in the face of unprecedented shocks to the system has never been more important.


Featuring exclusive insight from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Sustainable Food Trust, University of Exeter Business School and Wrap, among others, it examines:

  • how consumer attitudes have changed in light of coronavirus and what this means for circular economy initiatives
  • what impact the pandemic will have on food waste and sustainable packaging initiatives
  • how NPD and innovation processes can be retooled to take account of the circular economy, including through use of upcycled ingredients and smarter design
  • and how new metrics and incentives can help embed circularity principles into business processes

Because the transition to the circular economy ultimately hinges on people, it also examines in detail what new skills food and drink companies will need to thrive in the circular economy.

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