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The HR app for employee management and engagement.

The easy-to-use Sage HR mobile app helps you manage HR and payroll from anywhere. Review leave and holiday, claim expenses, and empower employees with self-service. Download it now on iOS or Android. Free when you sign up to Sage HR.

Manage HR on the go


Connect employees in any location

No matter where your employees are or how they like to work, they can connect instantly for better communication. Share news, calendars, and feedback in multiple languages.

Empower employees with self-service

Boost engagement by enabling employees to book holiday, share feedback on the go, and browse the team directory.

Work remotely and save time with the HR app

Employees and managers can use the app to raise and approve requests related to HR, pay, and expenses to improve management and boost collaboration.

Approve absences with instant notifications

The Sage HR app makes it easy to book and approve absences. Approvers can switch on push notifications to instantly receive time off requests from employees and quickly approve or decline them.

Your time off request Time off policy Holiday From Mon, 13 Feb To Fri, 17 Feb Total time off 5 days Your balance 20 days Status Pending Approved by Pending Details Day off 9:41 Request time off Close
Friday 26 May 2023! You got paid on £3,610.95 TAKE HOME PAY Payslips 9:41 Friday, 26 May 2023 £3,610.95 Friday, 28 April 2023 £3,610.95 Friday, 31 March 2023 £3,610.95 2023 2022 2021

View payslips and P60s from anywhere

Employees can check payslips as soon as they’re published and review historical payslips with Sage HR Online Services.

Quickly check team availability

Employees can request leave, check their holiday balances, and see who else is away using the simple shared calendar from the Sage HR mobile app.

5 days Holiday 13 - 17 Feb Approved 1 days Sickday 02 Feb Approved FEBRUARY 2025 2024 2023 9:41 20 Available Holiday 9:41
£54.21 28th Feb Entertainment Card Paid £12.53 28th Feb Food Card Paid £21.67 27th Feb Food Card FEBRUARY £401.45 £401.45 All expenses 9:41 2023 2022 2021

Review expenses in multiple currencies

Speed up expense management with the mobile app. Claim and approve expenses complete with attachments in multiple currencies and pay types at any time.

Share feedback and give recognition on the go

Use our simple feedback tool to quickly request and provide feedback to colleagues – available with the performance module in HR.

Send quick feedback Close Good Job Christine Botha Always putting 110% into your work and helping out where needed. * Employee Joan Black JB * Comment Always putting 110% into your work and helping out where needed. Attachment 9:41 Wrap feedback Submit feedback
OR Unable to log in? Get support to log in Next Email 9:41 Welcome to Sage HR

Keep data secure with single sign on

With the option to use single sign on and manage your Sage HR users with Azure Directory, you can get total peace of mind that your data and employees are secure.

Full feature list

  • Book and approve absence
  • Share and receive feedback
  • Claim and approve expenses
  • Check payslips and P60s
  • View the company directory
  • Use the shared calendar
  • Keep data secure with single sign on
  • Clock in and out

"I can see exactly which staff are in each day, and if anyone phones in sick I can simply log their absence in Sage HR and it updates their record."

Kathleen Edwards-Williams, Office Manager

Sage HR app FAQs

HR applications are used for managing human resources functions like managing time off, expenses, reviews, and payslips. Our core HR mobile application works alongside Sage HR, our web-based solution that helps SMEs manage talent, giving users faster access to key features from their mobile devices.

Online HR apps are a great way to take care of HR tasks on the go.

Your employees can:

  • Request time off from absence to holidays
  • View payslips and P60s
  • Access the shared calendar to see who’s available in their team
  • Request feedback from other colleagues
  • Claim expenses in multiple currencies

Your managers and HR teams can:

  • Accept or decline time off requests with instant notifications
  • Publish and view payslips and P60s
  • Access the shared calendar to see who’s available in their team
  • Share feedback with other colleagues
  • Accept or decline expenses in multiple currencies
Sage HR is best suited to small and medium businesses for work on site or on the go. The intuitive design carries over to the Sage HR app so that employees, managers, and HR people can submit and manage time off, expenses, feedback, payslips and more from a desktop or mobile device.
It's free to use if you have a Sage HR monthly subscription. Prices start from £4 per employee, per month. To find out how much Sage HR will cost per month, use our simple tool.

The Sage HR mobile app is available from the Google Play on Android and Apple App store on iOS. You can also access Sage HR via your web browser in Safari, Chrome or Edge.

Your smartphone will give you more than enough speed to use Sage HR smoothly. Sage HR is designed for high performance even on low internet speeds (around 2mb). A standard 3G phone connection should suffice for our Android and iPhone apps for accounting.

Sage HR mobile app

Now that you've uncovered the key benefits of the Sage mobile app, try it out for yourself. It's free for existing customers so download the app today.

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