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Services and Training

Move forward with confidence

When you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we deliver a customer experience that’s unlike any other in the industry. We’re committed to ensuring your organisation gets fast and ongoing value out of Sage Intacct, and that commitment has made us #1 in the industry for customer satisfaction.

Implementation without frustration

Sage Intacct Professional Services

Sage Intacct Professional Services gets your team up and running with your new financial system in as little as 60 days. Leverage our broad knowledge of best practices across every major industry to customise your solution and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Focus on what matters – running your business, not managing IT projects.

  • Get expert implementation help from consultants that care about your business and its success.
  • Minimise business disruption with a seamless, stress-free deployment.
  • Go live in as little as 60 days with a system tailored to your needs.
  • Please contact Professional Services or your Sage Intacct Account Manager for a Sage Intacct business review or consulting.

Learning, your way

Sage Intacct Training

Unlock your full potential with Sage Intacct Training. Whether you're onboarding a new hire, mastering advanced reporting features, or streamlining your team's workflow, our comprehensive training library training for your and your organisation.


Train up your finance team with Learning Membership.

On-demand courses

Learn at your own pace with on-demand training.

Instructor-led courses

Get hands-on learning with interactive, instructor-led training.


Become an expert with role-based certifications.

Join us for free, live training

Register now and join our team of industry experts to learn how to maximise your use of Sage Intacct and share best practices with fellow Sage Intacct users.

Want to learn more?

Check out these FAQs or, contact the team at [email protected].

Sage Intacct Training FAQs

Sage Intacct offers a variety of training options to fit your needs. You can choose from on-demand courses, instructor-led courses, or even get certified with role-based certifications. Additionally, you can train your entire organisation with a Sage Intacct learning membership subscription.
The Sage Intacct Learning Membership is a subscription-based training program that allows your finance team to learn at their own pace. With a one-year subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to new and existing on-demand courses, skills-based training, and immediate access to on-demand training with no additional fees.
Sage Intacct on-demand training offers flexibility, quality, and convenience. You can access the training anytime, anywhere, and proceed through the content at your own pace. This allows you to receive a consistent, high-quality learning experience on your own schedule.
Yes! Sage Intacct instructor-led training provides interactive, hands-on learning with a live instructor in a virtual classroom setting. You can attend from any location with an internet connection, engage with the instructor and your peers, and quickly put your knowledge into action.
Yes, you can become certified in Sage Intacct products by taking role-based certifications. This will position you as an expert in Sage Intacct products, allow you to become proficient with the core features, and provide you with certification logos to add to your social media profiles and email signatures.

Sage Intacct Professional Services FAQs

Sage Intacct Professional Services can provide expert implementation help to get your team set up for success with your new financial system. With a proven methodology and repeatable process, Sage Intacct Professional Services can get you up and running in as few as 60 days.
You can talk to an expert from Sage Intacct Professional Services by contacting them directly. You can also read the G2 report to learn more about their services.
Sage Intacct Professional Services offers support, optimisation, and a seamless launch. You’ll get expert implementation help from consultants that care about your business and its success, minimise business disruption with a stress-free deployment, and go live with your new, custom-tailored system in as little as 60 days.
Sage Intacct Professional Services consultants have a broad knowledge of best practices, acquired over thousands of successful engagements and across nearly every major industry. You can leverage their expertise to get the best solution for your business.
Yes, if you need to make changes to your financial system in the future, you can contact Professional Services or your Sage Intacct Account Manager for a Sage Intacct business review or consulting. Sage Intacct is committed to your ongoing success.
Yes, if you need to make changes to your financial system in the future, you can contact Professional Services or your Sage Intacct Account Manager for a Sage Intacct business review or consulting. Sage Intacct is committed to your ongoing success.

Learning centre FAQs

To enable single sign-on to the Learning Centre, start by logging into Sage Intacct. Navigate to the Help & Support menu and then select Learning Centre. You'll be prompted to enter your Learning Centre credentials. If you're new to the Learning Centre, you can request a new account. When creating a new account, be sure to enter the email associated with your Sage Intacct account. The Learning Centre is available only to Sage Intacct customers and partners.
Submit this form to request an account. Learning Centre account creation may take 1-2 business days. Note: You must use a unique business email of a Sage Intacct customer or partner to access the Learning Centre. We use this to maintain student records, course completions, certifications, and CPE credits. The email must be accessible by the user and cannot be shared.
Yes, you can connect your Learning Centre account through Sage Intacct single sign on feature.
From the Centre, search for the course and click Register. If the course has a fee, you must provide payment to complete registration.
Credit cards: We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Credit cards are charged upon registration. You will receive a confirmation email which serves as your receipt.
  • A laptop (not a tablet) with a supported browser
  • Internet connection
  • Phone, headset for VOIP, or computer audio
Your registration applies only to you. Additional attendees must register separately to attend the course.
To attain Sage Intacct Certification, join the Sage Intacct Accountants Program (SIAP) and start a Sage Intacct Learning membership. Then you can attend our four-day implementation course and certification program found on the Sage Intacct Learning Centre. Advanced classes are also available with membership.
To cancel a registration, go to the My Learning tab in the Learning Centre and cancel out of the course. Cancellation is subject to our cancellation policy.

Learning Membership FAQs

On-demand courses, available virtually anytime, anywhere.

Courses with lab environments and exercises may include :

  • A lab environment : Practice without risk to build skills and confidence before working within your production environment.
  • Course materials : Validate your knowledge and improve retention with downloadable training resources.
  • As an instructor : Get assistance from an expert with course questions. 
Contact your account manager who can assist you in adding this to your order.
All Sage Intacct users at your organisation will have access to Learning Membership courses. Users must have a Learning Centre account to access training content.
Instructor-led courses are not included ; however, they are available for purchase separately.
Prepaid training credits cannot be applied to the purchase of a Learning Membership subscription. You can use pre-paid training credits to register for virtual instructor-led classes scheduled in the Learning Centre.
Click the Subscriptions icon from the Learning Centre.
After registering for a course, you have unlimited access until the end of your subscription period. You can access a course as many times as you need.
You will receive a lab environment that is available for 15 calendar days after registering for a course.

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