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Considering NetSuite?

Sage Intacct and NetSuite are both robust accounting and financial management systems that will scale with you as you grow. To help you make the right decision for your organisation, we’ve created a handy list of tips to help you navigate the NetSuite sales process.

As of today All Customers SaaS Metrics CMRR per Customer £14,608 +£475 vs prior year CMRR £5.40M +£163,966 vs prior year Customer Renewal 98% per year Revenue Renewal 105% per year New Customer 75 +£25 vs prior year Customer acquisition Cost £147K +£215 vs prior year ACV per Customer £150K +£400 vs prior year Customer Life Time Value £876K +£163,966 vs prior year Customer Churn 1.67% per year Revenue Churn £75K per year Payback in Months 75 +£25 vs prior year CAC per £1 New ACV £0.98 +£215 vs prior year CMRR Trend 0 Quarter Ending 31/03/2024 Quarter Ending 30/06/2024 Quarter Ending 30/09/2024 Quarter Ending 31/12/2024 £800,000 £1,600,000 £2,400,000 £3,200,000 £4,000,000 Customer Trend 0 Quarter Ending 31/03/2024 Quarter Ending 30/06/2024 Quarter Ending 30/09/2024 Quarter Ending 31/12/2024 £800,000 £1,600,000 £2,400,000 £3,200,000 £4,000,000 CAC Trend CMRR Beginning CMRR New CMRR Add-on Churn Ending CMRR Total # of Customer
 Average CMRR per customer 806,068.66 544,540.65 201,551.54 59,976.47 544,540.65 201,551.54 193,074.19 662,967.91 409,917.25 193,074.19 59,976.47 409,917.25 193,074.19 256,056.22 Year Ending 31/12/2024 Actual Through 31/12/2024 Actual Year Ending 31/12/2021 Actual CMRR Details

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We want you to choose Sage, but if you don’t, perhaps these tips will save you some headaches down the road

Tip 1: Ask for live demonstrations – nothing beats seeing live product demonstrations when you’re making a critical purchase decision. High-level YouTube videos don’t let you drill down or ask important questions.

Tip 2: Keep detailed notes of all your sales interactions –ask NetSuite to record all your meetings. If you can’t record them, designate a skilled notetaker to record dates, times, attendees and verbatim notes as much as possible.

Tip 3: Unearth hidden clauses – some licensing terms (such as those in the SSA) are hard to find. Be prepared to go above and beyond your normal due diligence to avoid unpleasant surprises

Tip 4: Drill into NetSuite’s pricing policies – understand how price increases are triggered so you won’t be shocked by potential 2x or 3x price increases

Tip 5: Understand your financing agreement – if your contract gets assigned to a third-party bank, they’ll expect you to pay, even if your implementation never goes live

Tip 6: Review your Statement of Work (SOW) in detail – confirm exactly what will be implemented, in what timeframe, and who is responsible for each task. Keep an eye out for functionality that is missing from the SOW and therefore excluded from the initial implementation.

Oracle (NetSuite’s parent) has a formidable legal team and resolving disputes with NetSuite can be a daunting and expensive uphill battle. So confirm any verbal commitments in writing and document, document, document! 


Celine Okoh

CFO, White Ribbon Alliance

Sage Intacct’s cloud-based system ended up as a clear choice over Oracle NetSuite because of its impressive multi-entity and multi-currency capabilities, as well as the great experience we had with the Sage Intacct team, who listened to our needs and delivered.

White Ribbon Alliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sage Intacct is easier to use than other cloud accounting software on the market because it is built on a true cloud platform with rich insights. With more efficiency and sharper insight, you can be in a position to drive growth, not just cope with it. Sage Intacct automates the complete array of accounting processes – from basic to complex – so you can improve productivity, provide compliance, and grow without excessive hiring. We are the only mid-market cloud financial management solution with a multi-dimensional general ledger and robust, easy-to-use reporting, giving you one place to go for a full view of your real-time business performance. Sage Intacct is scalable, allowing you to easily handle growing numbers of users, customers, transactions or entities.
Sage Intacct is the AICPA’s first and only preferred provider of financial applications. None of our competitors, including NetSuite, have ever been recognised as a preferred provider by the AICPA. We understand the needs of our customers because our system is built by accounting and finance professional who have been in your shoes. Our cloud accounting and financial management software delivers a depth of financial capabilities you won’t find in a traditional software suite. It’s more flexible, too – adapting easily to the way you need and want to do business. This is what’s going to make your finance team more insightful and productive. This is why the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the world’s largest association serving accounting professionals, acknowledged us as its preferred provider of financial applications.
Yes, and we’ve been helping companies of all sizes and in a variety of growth and investment stages profitably and efficiently scale. Sage Intacct grows with your company. Get up and running quickly based on your current needs, then easily incorporate new entities and seamlessly expand with innovative modules, bringing in more AI and best-in-class, market-favourite solutions utilising our open API.

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