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Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management (EDM) is a practical and efficient way to deal with paper where we need to and to eliminate it wherever possible. The web-enabled EDM Solution comprises of a range of modules not only for storing documents electronically but also for generating and delivering documents electronically and for capturing email and paper documents. It is a comprehensive EDM solution, integrated tightly into the core of Sage Business Cloud X3, and also available to ‘external users’ for use outside of the Sage environment.


  • Reduces the time taken to file and retrieve documents
  • Makes staff more productive
  • Reduces storage requirements for paper-based records
  • Eliminates printing and postage costs
  • Reduces environmental impact


  • Automated Document Archiving: Documents generated by Sage X3 can be automatically deposited in the EDM repository
  • Secure Attachments: The Attachments feature allows files in shared folders to be linked to objects in Sage X3 links to the EDM repository so that documents are securely archived and available to all users
  • Automated documents by email or fax: Outbound documents and reports generated through Crystal Reports can be emailed or printed at the same time as being archived
  • Instant access to all documents for all users
  • Deposit client: Drag and Drop Filing from the Desktop
  • Scan station: Batch Scanning and Automated Indexing

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