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Coffee machines and Sage 200: the right blend for success

Fracino - United Kingdom

With a pioneering track record of more than 50 years of manufacturing traditional coffee machines, Fracino grows and continues its legacy.

Combining three systems into one solution

Like many growing businesses, Fracino relied on multiple systems for accounting and inventory management. This presented problems for the business and resulted in increased costs. It also outgrew some of these systems as it expanded.

It was an absolute nightmare having three different systems trying to do three different things.

Adrian Maxwell
Managing Director and Owner

Simplicity matters

We put in a three-month plan to implement the system, get it up and running, and plan for the future. "It’s about 95% there now. In fact, Sage 200 is such an integral part of the business today, we’d face real challenges without it,” said Maxwell.

After looking at several systems that didn’t quite tick all the boxes…we made the move and upgraded to Sage 200.

Adrian Maxwell
Managing Director and Owner

More time to spend on higher-value projects

Effective management requires measuring what matters. Sage 200 has given Maxwell and team the ability to monitor and manage the entire business. It also cut costs as a result, reducing stock by 15-16% alone.

Freeing up time allows us to focus talent where it’s most needed. Growth will come through innovation.

Adrian Maxwell
Managing Director and Owner

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