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5 things to consider when choosing construction management software

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Choosing construction management software can be tricky.

Pick the right software and you’ll increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and better position your company to win jobs. Pick the wrong software, and your return on investment will be frustrated users, clumsy work-arounds, and the prospects of another time-consuming software search and implementation.

So how can you best position yourself to choose the right construction management software?

Here are five things to consider when selecting a software solution:

  1. Fit and Function

Determine exactly what business issues you need new software to solve and rank them in order of importance.

  1. Usability and Adoption

Include all employees who will be using the software in the search, as well as meetings with software publishers.

  1. Price and Budget

Once you determine the features you need, set a budget. Keep in mind what issues associated with your current software are costing you on a recurring basis, as well as the full cost of new software, such as implementation, training, and support.

  1. Implementation and Training

As you evaluate solutions, make sure you understand how long the implementation process will take, as well as what type of training is available to assist with the process.

  1. Publisher Commitment

Evaluate the software publisher, as well as the solutions they offer. Consider the frequency of product enhancements, whether there are customers similar to you, and the size of the customer base. The larger the base, the more likely customer input shaped the functionality of the software.

For more tips on choosing the right construction management software for your company, download the Sage Construction and Real Estate Software Selection Guide  now.

Editor’s note: This article was first published in April 2018 and has been updated for relevance. 

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