Accounting and consulting firm catapults growth with AutoEntry

Low Value Automation

ZTX Advisors is a small accounting firm specializing in tax preparation and bookkeeping. It was founded in July 2017 with the purpose of helping small and online businesses understand their financials and grow their businesses.

AutoEntry saves ZTX valuable time by improving the quality of work the firm produces for its clients. With the help of AutoEntry, ZTX has increased its clientele without having to also increase its resources.

Why AutoEntry?

Jose Zavala, founder of ZTX Advisors, remembers the moment ZTX switched to AutoEntry. A client needed account clean-up and had many unrecorded transactions across three credit cards and three bank accounts.

The “old” way of cleaning this up would have meant manually typing each individual transaction into the client’s accounting software. “Once we started using AutoEntry, we were able to reduce this type of account clean-up from a week to about eight hours, which is huge,” he said. “So those other days that I had, I was able to sell more, do more tax returns, revenue went up. It was great. It was tremendous.”

The app saved Jose’s firm so much time, he never looked back.

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The benefits of AutoEntry

The time Jose saved on that client proved the rule rather than the exception. Since then, ZTX Advisors has seen a 75% reduction in the time it previously spent on manual entry.

This not only allows ZTX to provide faster turnaround for its clients, but also more time to focus on billable services, take on new clients, and grow its practice.

“The reason that the time savings is very important is twofold. The first is, of course, savings—time savings, human capital savings. You’re able to focus your team on something else that could have higher value. But the second is more about how I can focus on the strategy sessions and the growth services we offer our clients,” Jose said.

Empowering better service

While the financial benefits to the company are welcomed, ZTX takes pride in the aid it can bring to its customers—small business owners who need to spend time running and growing their own businesses and not worrying about their financials hanging overhead.

The money Jose and his team save them goes a long way toward meeting this goal. “I am very proud of what I’ve been able to do and the impact I’ve been able to make. I’ve had a lot of my clients save 30, 40, $50,000 in taxes and be able to invest that back into their businesses and grow tremendously, so I’m extremely proud of that,” says Jose.

AutoEntry offers a simple, user-friendly interface for any company drowning in manual data entry.

“Without AutoEntry, we would probably still be doing catchup work for a lot of our clients. We would not be able or have the capacity to serve the number of clients we do. We would have been greatly hindered, 100%, by the fact that we do not have the manpower, and our labor costs would have been a lot higher, because I would have had to bring on more people to take the place of these applications that I have,” he said.