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Sage 20 for 20 Accountant Partner Cloud Firm Program

All of the tools and resources needed to grow your firm and become your clients’ most trusted business partner.

Take your firm to the next level with Sage 20 for 20

Our Sage 20 for 20 Program is designed to empower accountants like you who are looking for innovative ways to grow their client base while staying up to date with latest technology in the accounting profession.

This program is your blueprint for growing and diversifying your firm with confidence. For firms that are ready to find new clients but don’t have the right solutions to support them, this program serves as a true business partnership where Sage provides the coaching and resources to help create new opportunities and grow your client base, while you serve as a referral engine for Sage solutions that meet your clients’ needs.

Through the course of this program, you will receive consulting education, best practices for business process improvements and achieving sustainable inclusion, digital marketing and SEO fundamentals, as well as access to Sage accounting solutions to support your firm’s growth and scalability.

Sage Consulting Academy

In this course, we will show you how to grow your firm’s opportunities by offering consulting services to your clients—walking you through essential consulting skills needed to succeed, as well as the key components of effective project management.

  • Led by Ed Kless, Senior Director of Partner Development and Strategy at Sage, and host of the Sage Thought Leadership Podcast.
  • Over 30 hours of consulting education, including access to conversations with Ed.
  • Certification of completion (badges)

Sage Innovation and BPI Consulting

Clients increasingly expect tech-savvy experiences from their accountants. To ensure your firm has the right technology solutions to support your clients’ needs, this course will help share best practices for implementing technology and business process improvements.

  • Led by innovation and BPI expert Rafael Casas, Senior Accountant Advocate at Sage
  • Access to a 1-hour Best Practices for Tech Stacks and Business Process Improvements (BPI) for Firms webinar, plus 60 days of functional and technical consulting guidance
  • Certification of completion (badges)

Diversity and Inclusion Principles

Achieving sustainable inclusion is a challenge the accounting profession has been grappling with for years. To help you build a more inclusive firm for you and your clients, this course will provide best practices on diversity and inclusion, with actionable insights on how to implement key principles.

  • Led by Nayo Carter-Gray, CEO of 1st Step Accounting
  • Access to a 1-hour Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices for Firms self-paced learning session
  • Certification of completion (badge)

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