Keir Thomas-Bryant

Small business and accountant’s expert

Keir is Sage’s dedicated expert in issues impacting small businesses and accountants. He started his journalism career in the last century and has worked as a magazine editor, textbook author and editor, professional blogger and corporate copywriter. His work has appeared in hundreds of publications and websites and has been translated into many languages. The son of an inveterate small business person, Keir has also run several small businesses of his own, including a computer repair service where he specialized in extending the life of Apple products. He continues to care passionately about the issues and struggles facing the small business and accountant communities around the world, with an additional interest in compliance issues such as the digitization of tax, data protection and Brexit. At Sage he is the global expert for the small business and accountant sectors, with a typical day involving blogging, writing guides, producing video projects and more. Outside of work, Keir writes fiction, walks around a bit, complains to his wife that they need more cats and cooks vegan food. He lives in Manchester, England and is based in Sage’s Manchester offices.

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