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Give your business manager the gift of an excellent enterprise this Christmas!

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Give your business manager the gift of an excellent enterprise this Christmas!

Christmas is about good cheer and goodwill. There’s no better way to ensure that goodwill extends all year round than by ensuring that your staff feel the cheer with an efficient business that lets them do what they do best – and feel valued whilst doing it.

Some businesses tend to have the traditional lull around this time of year as customers stay at home or defer decisions, and staff are thinking more about hibernating than hitting sales targets. This makes it a great time to get a head start on New Year resolutions and think about helping staff make the most of their time in the office when they get back.

So whilst others in the enterprise are polishing off mince pies and looking up what eggnog is, here’s a short suggestion for the business manager looking to move their growing business to the next level in 2016.

Banish the Krampus – no more staff niggles

The Krampus (the Alpine devilish figure that punishes bad children whilst Father Christmas/Saint Nicholas is rewarding the good) is always around, like a gremlin in the works of your legacy software, stopping getting suppliers paid on time, breaking the demand loop between ordering, production and sales or making you enter and re-enter data across platforms – generally giving your employees a poorer experience of being at work by bunging up their software and business processes. You can recognize this when you lack visibility into enterprise information, workarounds proliferate and things generally seem to be getting more complex. At its worst, you’re wondering why customers are leaving you…

Banish the Krampus by taking the time to really investigate your processes and strengthen weak links. Here’s what you want to look for from your business management solution: Process efficiency across the whole organization and every part of it, enhanced visibility and time savings.

Make sure that your finance and accounting systems are still fit for purpose. Legislation changes, the business changes – and the market and environment changes around us at the same time. When the business processes around cash intake, flow and management run smoothly the business has it’s sine qua non.

Help Santa’s elves get the work done on time

All of your employees are superstars each and every one. Each one of them performs miracles week in week out. But nothing will wear down their enthusiasm and stop them going the extra mile than making their jobs harder than they need to be. Business processes and systems can sometimes be the bane of your team’s lives – when they are older and unfit for purpose. The opposite is true when they help and support your team in delivering value.

As businesses grow it’s easier to find yourself at a point with silos of information, separate business systems that don’t talk to each other and a mix of manual and electronic processes that cause bottlenecks.

Take a moment between writing Christmas cards to honestly appraise your current business management or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. If they are legacy system that have been customized in times past, or simply been left in the background whilst teams find workarounds that help them better do their jobs, then there may be many routes to a better run business.

A Christmas to never forget

So to banish the Krampus (and ensure you don’t need a visit from a ghostly Jacob Marley) by performing an audit with your staff and of your processes and systems. Make sure the enterprise is up to scratch.

There is a huge difference between solutions that work and business processes that work. Enterprises should be concerned with defining and testing their business processes from time to time. Processes shouldn’t be defined solely by the IT team either. Define, validate and test with the involvement of your wider business stakeholders – and spread the cheer!

It’s a process well worth going through as your enterprise gives thanks for the bounty of the year and prepares for the new one ahead.

Happy holidays!

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