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Maximizing efficiency: Why SaaS companies should implement both Sage Intacct and Sage PSA

Combining Sage PSA with Sage Intacct can streamline resource management for SaaS companies. Learn more on our blog.

For SaaS organizations, optimal resource management is at the heart of business success, especially as they scale and their operations grow more complex.

Linking Sage PSA’s – Professional Services Automation resource and project management suite to Sage Intacct gives organizations access to unmatched financial visibility and streamlined strategic project planning.

In this post, we’ll be

  1. Starting with a brief refresher about the benefits of Sage PSA,
  2. Exploring why you should combine Sage PSA and Intacct
  3. Analyzing what can go wrong when you don’t have a real-time connection between your general ledger (GL) and Resource Management software.

Ready to optimize your resource management?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Sage Ai

Discover how you can use Sage Ai to make smarter, faster decisions, get a dynamic, real-time view of your business performance, and gain access to actionable insights.

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What does Sage PSA do?

Sage PSA helps businesses optimize project planning and resource management with AI-powered predictions and real-time capacity management to keep projects on track and on budget.

Their AI-powered platform delivers real-time assistance for resource management, project planning, execution, monitoring and adjustment, enabling businesses to achieve the best possible outcomes, grow project capacity and scale their business.

In short, it takes the guesswork out of project planning.

AI-powered resource, project, and financial management

CFOs and other stakeholders can use Sage PSA to run, track, and manage their work. With Forecast, you can:

Balance workloads

Business leaders can quickly allocate and balance resources to match all project and skill needs accurately.

Meaning workloads can be balanced across multiple projects with crystal-clear visibility, and utilization can be tracked and managed in real-time.

Anticipate future demand

Forecast helps companies instantly understand who is available for which projects and when by proactively managing an entire team in real-time on one dashboard.

Quickly make adjustments

Real-time insights and recommendations driven by AI mean businesses can reduce risk to projects with easier and more accurate planning to make better decisions.

What used to take days, now takes just seconds with Sage PSA.

Sage PSA also provides AI-fueled financial management, enabling organizations to track company-wide profitability in real time.

However, SaaS CFOs still need to consider one more vital point – GL integration.

Key benefits of combining Sage Intacct and PSA

By integrating Sage PSA and Intacct, CFOs and other business leaders can enjoy a new level of visibility, flexibility, and efficiency in managing financial and human capital.

Let’s see what you can gain by establishing a real-time connection between these two powerful enterprise resource planning tools.

Boost financial visibility

When you combine Sage Intacct and PSA, you get a 360-degree view of your organization’s financial health.

PSA allows you to instantly see which projects are costing more than they should, and which ones are highly profitable.

With that information, you can generate an automatic forecast in Sage Intacct that will help you balance your resource expenditures, boost cash flow, and adjust your future strategies.

Sage PSA and Intacct can give you clarity in the present and confidence in the future.

Companies at the forefront of their market know the importance of both sides of that coin.

Avoid time-based bottlenecks and spread tasks evenly

Every company has key stakeholders that they rely on to move the organizational needle. But if you overload your key employees, more than their work quality will suffer–they could succumb to burnout and leave your organization altogether.

Combining Sage PSA with Intacct gives you a centralized and automated platform to:

Keep stakeholders’ workloads manageable

We all end up with a bit too much on our plate sometimes and just have to trudge through it.

But that shouldn’t happen all the time.

Combining Sage PSA and Intacct helps you optimally plan and balance employee workloads.     

Prevent turnover among key staff

High turnover rates are never good. But when they occur among key stakeholders due to burnout and poor workload management, they can be fatal to an organization’s trajectory.

By effectively managing task load with Sage PSA, you can maintain high employee morale and keep turnover low.

Maintain a high standard of project quality

Project quality is just as important as the turnover factor. If you overload your employees, eventually something’s just got to give, and the work inevitably suffers.

By using Sage PSA, you ensure that no one gets overworked so everyone performs at their peak potential.

Sage PSA also gives you a real-time overview of stakeholders’ available bandwidth, enabling you to gauge their ability to take on new projects.

Eliminate manual errors and duplicate entries

When SaaS companies combine Sage PSA and Intacct, they eliminate the hassle of manually transferring data between their resource management software and GL.

Even a small manual error that occurs during the data transfer process could have significant downstream effects on your company’s financial planning.

In order to create and execute successful strategies, you need total confidence in the data you’re using as a starting point.

The real-time link between Sage Intacct and PSA enables instant and seamless data flow between the two products, eliminating the risk of costly manual errors and ensuring trustworthy data.

A modern, intuitive UI

Both Sage PSA and Intacct supply a sleek and streamlined user interface, and are highly intuitive products.

To maximize the success of employees and stakeholders alike, it’s very important to select enterprise tools that are simple to learn but pack truly robust functionality.

That’s precisely what you get when you use these two powerful enterprise planning tools together.

Dismantle data silos at your company

Financial data silos are a significant threat to organizational efficiency and profitability.

With Sage PSA, you can dismantle data silos and create a shared business consciousness at your company.

Leveraging these two products together enables SaaS CFOs and other stakeholders to:

Instantly sync up on important decisions

Many business decisions require input from multiple individuals, often with differing ideas and priorities.

Combining Sage PSA and Sage Intacct centralizes your company’s data, allowing stakeholders to quickly get on the same page for profitable decision-making. 

Rapidly find and share business insights

Sage PSA and Sage Intacct both feature advanced data drill down capabilities.

This allows company stakeholders to quickly find important anomalies or promising insights and share them for feedback.

Know exactly where your finances stand

Sage PSA gives business leaders crystal clarity on where they’re most profitable.

Sage PSA allows you to pull that data into Intacct for long-range automated forecasts for better financial planning and resource restructuring.

Clearly, Sage PSA and Intacct have a lot to offer.

Sage Copilot

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The risks of not integrating your resourcing system with your GL

What can go wrong when your GL isn’t connected to your resource and project management software in real time?

Quite a bit, as it turns out.

Resource management tools like Sage PSA supply vital clarity into how effectively you’re using capital, both financial and human.

But to take full advantage of Sage PSA, you need a way to reliably get its data into your chosen GL software, such as Sage Intacct.

Let’s take a look at why this piece of the equation is so critical. What can go wrong when real-time data flow is absent?

Invoice inaccuracies

Sage PSA enables companies to meticulously track time and expenses associated with projects.

However, if you need to manually transfer that data into your GL to generate an invoice, you expose yourself to the risk of manual discrepancies.

If financial inaccuracies make it into your GL and you create an invoice with that information, you’ll find yourself sending error-riddled invoices, which can be expensive and time-consuming to correct.

Sage PSA and Intacct together let companies automatically generate invoices from project data.

Cash shortfalls and inaccurate reports

Invoice inaccuracies aren’t the only risks that you’re exposed to when you rely on manual reconciliations.

When you manually transfer data between your resource management system and your GL, you create the possibility of cash shortfalls.

The process looks like this:

  1. Your resource management and/or time tracking system system correctly logs your company’s resource expenditure data for a recent project.
  2. A rushed employee manually transfers that data from the time tracking system into your GL, making a mistake along the way.
  3. Due to the error, you believe you have more available cash than you actually do.
  4. You then use that data for financial planning and reporting, producing inaccurate reports and downstream cash shortfalls.
  5. You eventually realize what’s happened and scramble madly to correct the mistake. Often at great expense and a lot of manual time consumption.

Sage PSA can give you clarity into your resource utilization and help you maximize organizational profitability, automatically.

A real time connection between your resource management, time tracking and ERP can guarantee trustworthy financial reports and FP&A.

This can all happen seamlessly with Sage PSA and Intacct in combination. 

Decision-making difficulties and delays

When you don’t have real-time data flow between your GL and resource management software, decision-making is more difficult and less strategically effective.

Instead of instantly sharing and receiving insights through a centralized platform, stakeholders are left to sift through emails and spreadsheets, or other manual data sharing methods.

Not only does that eat away at precious time, but it also:

Exposes companies to security risks

Emails and email attachments are a favorite haunt of digital hackers.

If you use emails and spreadsheets to transfer important financial data at your company, you could find yourself struggling to keep your data secure.

Depending on the type of company data that gets compromised, you could even face compliance penalties and fees.

Makes it hard to arrive at a unified vision

Running a company hinges on key stakeholders having access to a shared organizational consciousness.

You simply can’t get that with emails and spreadsheets. 

Businesses need to be able to arrive at important decisions quickly and confidently – delays can mean losing market share to your more nimble competitors.

Combining Sage Intacct and PSA puts real-time centralized data flow at your fingertips.

Combine Sage PSA with Intacct today

Sage PSA offers users a simple and secure way to seamlessly get the most modern resource and project management in the market, combined with Sage Intacct as the most modern ERP for software and tech businesses.

The two become digital connective tissue, making Sage PSA and Sage Intacct the most modern and intuitive stack for the CFO and operations teams of the future.

Sage Intacct was just awarded the top accounting software marketshare in the SaaS CFO’s Tech Stack Survey for the fifth year in a row.

Combining the two lets you put a permanent end to manual data entry and the inevitable errors that come with it.

Learn more about unlocking the full potential of your SaaS finance tech stack here.