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Sage Copilot
Your dedicated AI-powered productivity assistant

Step into a new business era with Sage Copilot, a trusted member of your team that helps you get work done faster.
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Generative AI is at the core of Sage Copilot

Sage Copilot is our new generative AI-powered assistant that tackles your to-do list, automates tasks, and recommends ways to help you make savings and drive improvements. It works around the clock so you don't have to, letting you work on your terms. All so you can focus on making smarter, faster decisions.

Make smarter decisions

Using AI-powered intelligent data analysis, Sage Copilot offers detailed, actionable insights, creating tailored reports or visualizations to aid in decision-making. Generate a cashflow report in seconds, with recommendations on ways to make improvements.

Get work done faster

Get work done faster with intelligent task and workflow automation. Retain complete control over what gets done and when.

Sage Copilot helps you manage and perform tasks by creating personalized to-do lists and prioritizing based on your needs. Sending messages with documents, or chasing payments, is now a breeze, taking seconds rather than hours.

Know your business

Know your business inside and out, with a dynamic real-time view of performance and rich insights at your fingertips.

Sage Copilot offers detailed, actionable insights, creating tailored reports or visualizations to help you make decisions. Generate a cashflow report in seconds, with recommendations on how to make improvements for the next period.

Get ahead

Get ahead with more time and space to focus on the things that will move your business forward. Use deeply contextualized advice that's unique to your role.

Sage Copilot is an assistant you can trust, protecting your data and giving you full control over decision-making and human support when you need.

How business leaders can use Sage Copilot


Real-time analytics, predictive budgeting, and financial forecasting for navigating financial complexities.

Small business

Automate administrative tasks and access innovative cash flow solutions to focus on scaling your business.


Elevate your role as a true strategic partner to your clients by creating time to focus on your practice.

HR leaders

Transform how you work to unlock employee potential and enhance their experiences, adding greater strategic value.

Your trusted AI companion

Our commitment has always been to deliver AI you can trust. Full control over decision-making, with human support whenever you need it. Sage Copilot is designed to meet the needs of SMBs and accountants, and offers an array of functions, insights and analytics. All under your control.

Sage Copilot in action

At launch Sage Copilot will work inside our solutions Sage Accounting, Sage for Accountants and Sage 50, helping our customers as they work. Watch these videos to understand how Sage Copilot unlocks even more value in trusted Sage solutions.

Frequently asked questions on Sage Copilot

Sage Copilot is generative AI productivity assistant that can transform how you do your work.

It is an intelligent tool that automates complex tasks, offers personalised business advice, and provides proactive recommendations to improve performance. It will adapt to your evolving needs as you use it.

Security is at the heart of our AI strategy. Sage Copilot employs robust encryption and compliance with the latest data protection regulations, ensuring your information remains secure and private.

Sage Copilot uses adaptive learning algorithms to analyze your business processes and decision-making patterns. Over time, it tailors its functionalities to align with your business needs and goals.
Yes, Sage Copilot is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to use its power without specialized technical expertise. Natural language processing capabilities mean you can interact with it using everyday language.
We continuously improve Sage Copilot with updates to enhance its features and capabilities. As part of our community, you will receive regular updates to ensure your business stays ahead with the latest AI technology.
When Sage Copilot is available you can use it by logging into your Sage products and start any task. Sage Copilot will help you with those tasks and offer suggestions as you work.
Join the waitlist and we will contact you when Sage Copilot is available. In the meantime you can sign up to Sage solutions to start using them in advance of Sage Copilot.