Contracts billing and contracts revenue recognition: a sweet success

Rapid Ratings went live with Sage Intacct in October 2015. During the implementation of a new accounting software solution, it is common to evaluate internal business processes. After reviewing their cash-to-order process they wanted to reduce the manual effort surrounding the invoice creation process.

Rapid Ratings was using Excel to manage their invoicing process, which led to avoidable errors, end-of-the month bottlenecks, and an exorbitant amount of wasted time. They needed a solution that could:

  • Automate the creation of invoices
  • Automate revenue recognition and commission expense in accordance with ASC 606
  • Reduce the manual efforts of their accounting department and sales team

Implementing Sage Intacct Contracts Billing and Contracts Revenue Recognition

In May 2017, Rapid Ratings chose to adopt Sage Intacct Contracts Billing and Contracts Revenue Recognition functionalities, as well as integrate their Sage Intacct environment with the Salesforce CRM platform. The Contracts Module helps ease the pain of using manual methods and disconnected applications, in addition to leveraging best-in-class revenue management capabilities. The module allows also for dual treatment of contracts according to both ASC 605 and ASC 606. This provides organizations with immediate visibility into how the upcoming guideline changes impact financials.

Seeing Results

“Leap the Pond was instrumental in helping us realize we can implement the Sage Intacct Contracts Billing and Contracts Revenue Recognition. They were very responsive and kept us on track with our big picture goals,” said Elliot Goldman, Controller, Rapid Ratings.

Before implementing the Sage Intacct Contracts, Rapid Ratings’ the accounting team spent a majority of their time manually entering in invoices and updating excel spreadsheets to calculate revenue and commission expense. Since implementation, those tasks are now automated, they now have the time to focus on growing professionally and learning new skills to bring more to the business.

Since Rapid Ratings’ implementation, they have:

  • Improved the time to close accounts receivable, commissions and revenue to the first business day of the month-end close, a time reduction of four days using their old manual method
  • Simplified and streamlined key accounting processes
  • Improved overall efficiencies, invoices are automatically sent out within one business day of deals closing
  • Increased interdepartmental communication, the sales team is more in the loop of what’s happening on the accounting side

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